The Weekly #TWO – Rambles of freeloading influencers.

Week two of my incredibly well named weekly rambles. I’ve made it to week two so I’d like to start by calling this a success, week three will be a miracle.

I was going to rabbit on this week about what I have been up to and the fact it’s trying to snow and I hate snow but then something happened yesterday and outrage hit the blogging world when a you tuber dared to contact an establishment and suggest working together DUM DUM DUMMMMMMM!

The establishment in question, I shan’t name as they don’t offer trips for ‘free’ so I wont be offering exposure for ‘free’ handled the situation rather appallingly and started a witch hunt against ‘free loading influencers’.

I don’t know how to put this other than by saying, this is our job… This little corner of the internet is how I pay my rent, feed and clothe my children and pay for that gym membership I rarely use. You may not get it but it is a thing. I don’t have the biggest following in the world but I have people who enjoy reading/watching my content and are interested in where I go and what mop I bloody use.

This will shock but – sometimes we are offered things in exchange for our hours spent writing, filming, editing. If Steve worked in a bank and they said ‘yes on Friday we are going to pay for your 7 hours with a new kettle’ and Steve quite fancied a new kettle and said ‘yeah okay’. Would you care? No. Steve makes his own choices in life.

If we can see a way to work with a brand in a way that will be mutually beneficial, we can ask. If the brand doesn’t think it will work for them. They will usually politely decline. That’s all you need to do. We are not free loading we are using our initiative to work, expand our portfolios and create good content.

I found something I love doing; it was a hobby to start but when someone starts offering you money to continue hobby and allow fo you to provide for your family at the same time, surely that is the dream?

The times are changing, no longer do we watch the adverts in between coronation street, we flick through our news feed ignoring the ads, I watch videos of other peoples trips while I wash up and wish I was there. Brands need to think outside the box and recognise they need to reach their customers in a variety of different ways. Many do do this and very well indeed but I was upset to see the comments surrounding this issue stating it’s not a real job and just being downright rude.

I often feel rather protective over this industry as it’s still growing, developing and I am part of it at a very exciting time. I work hard to be able to do this, I work hard so I can still be here each day and pick up my kids from school and I work hard to be able to give them the best I can.

It’s not the traditional sense of going to work 9-5 no but in 2018 who wants traditional? 


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  1. January 17, 2018 / 6:54 pm

    Yeeeaaaahhh!!!! Go Amy!!!!! And Steve….

  2. January 18, 2018 / 1:55 pm

    Well said. Had to pop over to have a catch up. Cannot believe some of the previous Facebook posts prior to this. What a rude horrible man!
    Lisa recently posted…Pregnancy Diary Week 19My Profile

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