A Healthy Weekly Meal Plan

As you guys will know I am a huge fan of meal planning, I think it is key if you are wanted to eat well, save some pennies, reduce waste and keep yourself organised.

It really doesn’t take much time at all; each week I have a little look in the cupboards and see what we have already and what I can make meals with. I then make a list of dinners for each night taking into account plans we have or if the kids will be eating at their dads certain nights. Finally I write my list and head to the shops and only buy what we need.

I enjoy sharing my food hauls over on my youtube channel so I thought it would be fun to start sharing my meal plans over here to give you guys an idea of what we eat as a family day to day. I have always really enjoyed these sorts of posts myself for getting inspiration (and I am just plain nosey) so I hope you enjoy them too!

This week I am determined to be healthier. Giving into the January pressure of eating right and going to the gym aren’t I! I feel good for it though so long may it continue, here it is my first healthy meal plan of 2018!

Tuesday – Salmon in a ginger and chilli marinate with salad and Avocado
Wednesday – Chicken & pesto pasta with spinach and tomatoes.
Thursday – Steak with sweet potato mash & asparagus
Friday – Chilli with wholegrain rice and quinoa
Saturday – Chicken stir fry
Sunday – Roast dinner
Monday – (Freezer night as the girls have after school clubs) Spicy bean burgers and salad for me, Jacket potato and beans and cheese for the kids.

And that is how the week ahead looks for us! I think it’s relativity healthy yet still pretty tasty..

If you want to look at my food haul you can watch it here..


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