Beach Babes What Ever The Weather

Spending long summer days at the beach are part and parcel of life living the Dorset. With all that gorgeous coast on our doorstep it would be almost inhuman not to make the most of it. Unfortunately this is England and those ‘long summer days’ I mention are often few and far between.

What do we do?

We hit the beach anyway!

trespass raincoats

It may be grey, a little wet and incredibly windy but it’s nothing a decent coat can’t see off!

The girls were recently gifted these lovely little rain coats from Trespass; I love red on them and this little matchy matchyness is just too cute!

For Lottie an all in one rain suit is is just so ideal. It keeps her protected from head to toe and will be perfect for rainy nursery days. She looks so cute in it! It is really easy to get on and off which is a must with a toddler because as we know when they need a wee it is usually at that very second in time and we need to be super quick!

trespass raincoats

trespass raincoats

One reason I have avoided these all in ones before is because they can be quite thick and bulky so not the easiest or most comfortable for little ones, this is really light weight so great for an active toddler.

Whilst they’re so practical I think Maisy and Bella would have told me where to go if I tried to put them in an all-in-one they are of corse ‘big girls’ now so onsies are a big no no.

So I opted for these waterproof jackets instead; again the are super light weight so perfect for this in between seasons weather we have right now. They keep them extra dry but can also be layered up underneath for the warmth!  trespass raincoats

trespass raincoats

We had such a lovely time watching the rough waves and running riot (them not me). We are so lucky to have all of this on our doorstep I will definitely not let the bad weather take it away from us!

trespass raincoats


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