Portsmouth Historic Dockyard – a great family day out

A few weeks ago now the girls and I were invited to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard for a fun family day out. Despite being just an hour away I had never heard of it! Everyone I seem to mention it to since says ‘oh yes we’ve been’ or ‘we’ve thought about going’. So I really must of been living under a rock!

As I had no idea what we were expecting we went with a completely open mind and just got stuck straight in with exploring and activities.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is massive! If like me you are newbie don’t be afraid to go and ask someone for advice or what they would recommend, everyone was so friendly and helpful. They know everything there is to know about the place and the love sharing it with you. I really loved that people were keen to show us around the boats and share all the facts and stories. I am such a history geek so it was so up my street!

Portsmouth Historic Dockyards HMS WARRIOR

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Our first stop was H.M.S Warrior, the girls loved exploring the ship and found putting their faces in the cannons fascinating.

Next stop was the activity centre, which is so amazing for children. The girls had a chance to rock climb, obstacle courses, climb a mast, row a boat and loads more. Some of the activities go by weight and height so Lottie was too small for a few but there was still plenty for her to do.

The queue for the mast climbing although only short took forever! The kids did really well waiting paitently there but I would recommend heading there first thing to avoid that wait.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Mast climbing

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

After all that we were all starving; we ate in boathouse 7 – if I remember correctly. Lunch was very kindly included with our trip and I kind of expected a standard buffet type place but it was so much better than that. With stone bake ovens for fresh pizza, a huge selection of pasta and sauces, fish and chips and then your usual cakes/sandwiches etc. I am a carb loving pasta girl so I couldn’t resist this carbonara sauce it was delicious.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Lunch

Refuelled our day continued we went to see H.M.S Victory, there was a little queue for this one but nothing too major. They have a hand-held audio guide which is offered as you walk in giving you a tour as you walk around. With three young children they just wanted to run around and touch things so the guide was kind of lost on us, I would love to go back child free and do the tour again as I said I love this kind of thing I find it so interesting.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard HMS VICTORY

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Our last stop was the Mary Rose museum and it was my favourite part, I found it absolutely fascinating!

New Friends Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

The museum itself is incredible, so interactive, modern and just bursting with facts. Again it is one I would like to visit again, the kids were just rushing around looking for pirates everywhere.

All in all we had such an amazing day out and I feel like we didn’t even get to see half of it! I really didn’t know what to expect from Portsmouth Historic Dockyard but I am so glad we went I will definitely be returning in the future.

A huge thank you to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard for inviting us along we had the best time! 

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