36 hours in London with Three Children

The 6 week holidays is a long time for us parents to entertain the kids. I find it easiest to plan ahead and break it up with a few trips or bigger(er) days out here and there and then add in the play dates, park days & beach trips. Before you know it your schedule is pretty full and the kids are happy!

So that is one of the reasons I booked in a couple of days away for the kids and I in London. It was our little girls trip and we had so much fun!

Hotels in London aren’t cheap – FACT. But I was so chuffed with the deal I got on a family room at Premier inn, £120 including breakfast! I thought that was amazing especially after looking on comparison sites and getting nearer £300. Definitely always worth checking the premier inn, you know exactly what you’re getting and its always a good rate.

We set off bright and early on the Monday morning to get in a full day which we spent walking along the Southbank, watching street artists, playing in the park and grabbing lunch with my mum and younger brother’s. We said our goodbyes and then it was time for us to visit Shrek Adventure.

So these attractions again aren’t cheap BUT if you book more than one you get a discounted rate and over all it works out so much cheaper. These include The Sealife centre, London Eye, Shrek’s Adventure, Madame Tussauds & The London Dungeon the more you book the cheaper they individually get (if that makes sense) and the tickets are all valid for 90 days so even if you weren’t planning to go in that trip you could always plan ahead for your next. With that in mind I booked us to do Shrek Adventure and the London Eye for the following day.

So back to Shrek Adventure; well I loved it, Bella loved it, Lottie thought the whole thing was hilarious and Maisy.. well Maisy was just a little bit terrified. I kept reassuring her that it wasn’t real it and was all just a bit of fun but my sensitive little girl was having none of it. Bless her, by the end once she realised we weren’t in imminent danger she declared ‘Yes that was fun I’d do it again!’ I think it was the fear of the unknown but just as a heads up to anyone going with little ones who scare easily.

Shrek Adventure

After that excitement we headed to our hotel, my daughters love the novelty of staying in a hotel so excitement levels were through the roof! We grabbed a pizza in the restaurant and got an early night, well I say early the kids were all up till about half 9 bed swapping and generally being a pain but half 9 is early for me to go to sleep!

Tuesday came around and again we were up bright and early to fit as much in as possible; we had a ice breakfast and set off for the day.

Our first stop was a show so we took a long walk round to the Vaudeville Theatre stopping off to see Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament, my girls really don’t mind walking when were any where but on the school run!

So many people have commented on pictures or my Instagram saying how brave I am taking three into London alone but they were so good they just all link up and walk together I don’t have to worry about them running off at all.

Here they are waiting for The Hunting of the Snark to start! It was a fun little show, the girls all really enjoyed it and were laughing away throughout. I find with some musicals they can be bit long for them to sit through this was the perfect length for younger children.  

We then grabbed some lunch in zizi’s, it was in here that the girls seemed to turn loopy and we had a very hyper hour where it was all about cracking jokes, tickling each other and just generally being crazy as we made our way back towards the London Eye! 

The Eye was really fun, the girls loved being up high! It’s one of those things they have aways said they’d like to go on so now it is ticked of the bucket list.

Such a busy day had to be finished off with frozen yogurt on a big red bus didn’t it. This was a small by the way!

What a fun filled couple of days it was, I fell asleep almost instantly when we arrived home!


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  1. September 23, 2017 / 3:57 pm

    Amy it looks like you had an amazing time in London and your little girls were so well behaved! I think you should give yourself a tap on the back though, being in such a big city with 3 little people couldn’t have been easy. You are such a good Mum and your girls will remember their girly trip with such fond memories. I love the sound of pizza in a hotel room, sounds perfect and you can not beat a good old Premier Inn deal! x

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