The Ultimate Family Festival Checklist

Festival season is so close; if you believe your days of sitting in fields, drinking cider with a flower crown on your head are behind you now you are a parent you are missing out hugely on all the amazing family friendly festivals that are held all over the country! Shortly the squad and I will be heading off to one of the biggest (and in my opinion BEST!) family festivals in the UK – yes I am talking about Camp Bestival! We have been counting down the days more or less since we left last year, it was one of the best weekends I have ever had with my little ones and we cannot wait to do it all over again.

Camp Bestival is really local to me so last year we just drove down each day but this time we are braving it and putting our camping skills to the test. And what a test is shall be, lets just say I am not the most ‘at one with nature’ – but hey it will be good fun! In preparation for our latest adventure I have put together my Ultimate Family Festival Checklist! I think I have covered just about everything but if you are a seasoned festival goer and see anything missing please let me know.

The Ultimate Family Festival Checklist

So starting with those big things:

  • Tent
  • Roll mat/Blow up bed
  • Sleeping bags

They’re a given right? Only we aren’t actually taking any of these with us. We have been lucky enough to be invited to stay with Pitch Village at Camp Bestival, they are taking care of the biggest chunk of equipment we need by providing us with a premium pre-pitched tent on arrival! I can’t tell you how much weight this lifted off my shoulders, it’s so convenient for us to just roll up and have our tent ready to go – no faff.

Next we move on to the furniture the guys at Millets have been super generous in kitting us out ready for the weekend, they are pretty much the one stop shop for all your camping needs.

So here goes:

  • Chairs – we have fun little ones for the kids and big old comfy ones for ourselves. Look for something easy to transport but super comfy.
  • Portable fold down table – a god send for meal times.
  • Gas Stove – don’t forget the gas and hose for these are usually sold separately as well.
  • Lantern – for those late night drinks round the tent and (more likely) the midnight trips to the loo’s!
  • A wagon – I saw so many with these last year and I thought what an amazing idea, a little wagon/trolly to shove all your bits in and more importantly – the kids. It’s a lot of walking and long days for the little ones so it gives them that rest they need. I picked up mine from Wayfair.

Home comforts:

  • Plastic bowls/cups/plates & cutlery.
  • Kettle for the stove.
  • Water bottles.
  • Towels – for washing up and bathing!
  • Extra Blankets.
  • Pillows.
  • Eye mask – unless you really want to be up at the crack of dawn every day!

Cleanliness – a tough one, at festivals you do need to slum it a little it’s part and parcel with festival life but there are some easy bits and pieces that along side your usually shower gels and deodrants can make your life easier:

  • Hand sanitiser.
  • Baby Wipes – by the ton.
  • Dry shampoo. My hair will be 80% dry shampoo by the end of the weekend – just saying!


  • Suncream – the weather is ever unpredictable but you’d rather have it than end up burnt or even worse with burnt children!
  • First aid kit.
  • Ear protectors for the kids – festivals are loud!
  • Wet weather gear – just in case. Even if the forecast is good, this is England get your coats and wellies you can always leave it in the car.
  • A speaker or radio.
  • Bottle opener/tin opener – don’t be that person who can’t actually get into their food/drinks.
  • Power packs – we all want to see those festival snaps!
  • Picnic blanket.
  • Flower crowns  & glitter because no festival would be complete without them.

Okay, so I probably missed some bits obviously clean clothes and food are a given – if you can think of anything else I need to add to my family festival checklist then let me know in the comments below!

The ultimate family festival checklist


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