Celebrating Chinese New Year in Dorset

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The holidays may be winding down at your house, but why not have one more bash? Celebrating the Chinese New Year is a great way to brighten up the dreary mid-winter months and an excellent opportunity to introduce the kids to a little culture. The festivities are always a blast, as they’re filled with colourful animal and dragon costumes, delicious food and intriguing music. Take the whole family out to one of Dorset’s many pubs or community centres that are celebrating the year of the rooster, or stay in and enjoy some ethnic crafts and Chinese munchies in the comfort of your home. Here are some great Dorset based options to help you bring the New Year in right.

A 4-course Meal at The Greyhound Inn

This beautiful Dorset pub and inn is celebrating the Chinese New Year with a gourmet, 4-course meal and authentic décor. This is an excellent way to combine the comfort of a British pub with a little multicultural flare. Tickets are going for 35 pounds per person, so it’s not exactly cheap, but knowing The Greyhound Inn’s standards, it’s sure to be worth it! The festivities begin on Saturday 28th January at 7:00 pm.

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Chinese New Year Celebration at the Bournemouth YMCA

The Life Centre at Bournemouth is welcoming in the Chinese New Year with a bang! Singing, dancing and arts of all kinds will be featured throughout the day. The Dorset Chinese Arts Society is responsible for the event, and they will be putting on a variety of performances that are guaranteed to wow all ages with spectacles of colour, dance and music. This event is highly recommended for families, as many events are aimed towards a younger audience. The event begins at 7:30 pm and tickets cost 7 pounds.

Educational Workshops in Dorset

There are a number of fun and educational workshops in Dorset that are centred around the Chinese New Year. Sign up here and enjoy enticing activities like Chinese dance and plate painting. You’re sure to go home with and a better understanding of the world we live in, as well as some life-long memories!

Chinese Crafts and Snacks at Home

There’s no need to brave the weather to celebrate the Chinese New Year. This year, stay in and plan some fun crafts to do with the kids. Get your Cassart coloured pencils out and design your own Chinese fans, or build your own undulating Chinese dragon out of paper links or cloth. While you’re at it, order some Chinese food from the local takeaway. Choose a number of different treats and let the kids taste them one by one, so they learn to appreciate the new and interesting flavours.

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This time of year can get a little monotonous, and as a result, the kids seem to get restless and agitated. Even if we feel tired and cold, we still have to give our little ones a way to vent their energy and satisfy their hungry minds. We’ll be taking in all the sights and flavours of the Chinese New Year this weekend, and you should, too!


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