3 Family Favourite Recipes to Warm Your Cockles this winter

As winter rapidly approaches and temperatures start to drop, it’s time to get out a good recipe book to prepare for the months to come. Embrace the season and start cooking some of your favourite winter stews, soups or other wholesome meals that the whole family loves to eat on those cold and stormy nights.

Everyone has their own winter favourites, whether it’s a hot and spicy curry or ready baked jackets stuffed with lashings of cheese and baked beans. Here are just a few ideas to keep every tummy warm and well fed this winter…

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Succulent beef and ale stew

If you lead a hectic lifestyle or are busy with the kids, try slow cooking a beef and ale stew throughout the day. Some simple preparation is all that’s required, before placing the dish in the oven on a low heat, or in an electric slow cooker. Whichever method you choose, allow the stew to do its magic for two hours at least.

Fry some onions together with stewing steak or beef shin, before adding carrots, bay leaf, herbs and seasoning. Top up with a beer of your choice and some stock if needed and pop it in a casserole dish ready to cook. The longer it’s bubbling for the more succulent the meat will become, so really take your time with this one. Serve the stew with some McCain Jacket Potatoes and a knob of butter. Delicious!

Winter soups

While a hearty casserole brimming over with meat is always a great option at this time of year, there are also a wide variety of vegetarian soups that are just as filling and full of goodness. Spiced pumpkin soup is not only quick and easy to make, but it’s high in flavour and you can give it your own twist by adding whichever herbs or spices take your fancy.

Chop some pumpkin flesh and celery into cubes before simmering in vegetable stock until soft. Next, blitz in a blender until smooth, then add salt, pepper and any other spices or herbs to suit your taste buds. Add a little Alpro Coconut Milk and you’re free to either reheat straight away or freeze for later use.

Perfect pork chops

The smell of pork chops hanging in the air when you come in from the cold is sure to start warming you up. One way of adding more flavour to the dish is to marinate it in an infused oil or a dry spicy rub. You can make the marinades or rub yourself, or buy them from your local supermarket. Simply score the surface of the meat and rub in the mixture, before leaving for at least an hour in the fridge so that the meat is fully penetrated.

Once the chops are ready you can either fry or grill them for approximately seven minutes on each side. You could also use the same technique with beef steak or chicken; just vary the cooking times accordingly.

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    ohhh It looks so yummy. I am definitely going to try this recipes on this winter. So excited to have a more winter recipes.

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