Tips for Young Mums Who Want to Go Back to Work

Being a mother is one of the most important responsibilities most of us get to face throughout our lifetime. We get to raise children until they’ve become grown up individuals, while the kind of individual they become mostly depends on us and the way we raise them! Naturally, after such a long but non-permanent job, a lot of young mothers still wish to go back to work as soon as the children are old enough to start school or leave home. After being away from this kind of scene, it is expected that there will be difficulties to face. Being away from the kids for the most part of the day can turn out to be much harder than it seems. While at work, you will continue to worry about the welfare of your child. These are just a few of the many issues that hinder women from going back to work. In fact, according to a 2010 study made by Center for Work-Life Policy, one-third of working women take a break in their career for reasons such as starting a family or raising children. However, less than half of these women end up going back to normal, full-time jobs. Yet, if you are a young mum who truly wants to have another shot at a career, doing so is far from impossible. These tips might help you make that transition.

Make an Assessment of Yourself 

What is it you really want? Are you looking to pursue a full-time job that can make your career go far? How much of your time can you truly dedicate to a job? Why do you need to work? These are just a few questions you need to get clear answers to. Whether going back to work is out of necessity or because you need to have a sense of new accomplishments in terms of your career, it is necessary to know the kind of dedication you can put in this new change.

Talk with Your Partner

Having a family means you get to share almost everything together. If you intend to go back to work, make sure that your partner knows about it and supports the idea. In that case, you will have a support system in terms of taking care of the family. In a lot of instances, young mothers may find it a problem to go back to work if her partner does not agree with the idea. It can cause conflict within the family. Let him understand why you need to go back to work and make sure that he is okay with it. If you are a single mother, talk with a family member who can help you with your plans.home-office-336377_1920

Networking is Gold

Making the right connections can help you get back and stay connected in the workforce. It is important to have an active profile in the online world where you can meet a lot of opportunities. In today’s world, a strong media presence is a very positive way to find the right people and the right companies that can lead you to your career. Open an account on LinkedIn or Twitter, and, if you’re looking into media related industries, Facebook and Instagram. Make sure that you’re constantly working on improving your social media presence and maintaining it as strong as possible. Apart from the mainstream social media, it would also be a good idea to activate profiles on certain local job-search sites. In the UK, a good example of such would be, a company that allows you to search for jobs according to profession, company or area – regardless of whether you’re looking in a city the size of London or in one like Middlesbrough.

Know the Kind of Career You Want

It is good to know exactly what it is you want to do. What are your interests? Would you be willing to sacrifice your time with the family to pursue this line of work? If you know what kind of job you want to do, it will help you lessen the time to spend looking for jobs. You can immediately target the companies that you like. Where do you see yourself as the years pass? Is it the kind of work that will bring self-accomplishment and satisfaction? Or, will it be economically enough to support your family? Besides, knowing the kind of job you want to do will help you prepare for it.

Assess Your Skills

A lot of mothers usually take some time before going back to work. It can take a year, 2 years or even ten. This absence can make you a little rusty regarding certain things. While you were being busy taking care of your family, it’s highly probable that you lost track of updates regarding your work. Your skills might need to be upgraded or you might have to take a refresher course depending on the kind of career you plan to have. Upgrading yourself can bring positive results when applying for

Work from Home

If taking up a full-time job is not anymore possible, why not consider a work which you can do at home? A lot of young mothers take this route, especially when it is impossible to physically leave the kids at home. A lot of homebased jobs are available such as freelance writing, transcription, virtual assistant, to name a few. This can work to everyone’s advantage – you get to work during the hours you set and you still get to look after the kids.

Going back to work means sacrificing some things such as your time with your family. It is one of the toughest decisions young mothers face nowadays. Whatever your reason for choosing to go back to work, such as for instance financial difficulties, you don’t have to regret your decision. Think of the future and think of your kids. You know what’s best for your family. If you can work, earn enough money and still get to be there for your kids, then go for it!

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