A day in London – London Aquarium

Last Thursday I took the plunge, I took all three of my little ladies up to London, in the summer holidays. Am I mad taking 3 children aged 5 and under into the busiest city in the country? Yes probably but I am not one to ever miss out so off we went.

A day in London travelling up on the train

The train was so busy even at off peak times but we managed to get some seats, the girls each had a magazine which kept them happy for the duration of the journey.

london 4

We has a couple of things to do in London, I was attending an event with Baby Jogger for work and we also had tickets for London aquarium – busy busy.

First things first we needed food so we took ourselves to Wagamamas, this was our first Waga’s I know I am the last person in the world to go there but I wasn’t sure if it would be all that kid friendly. I was really surprised the girls loved it so it is definitely somewhere I would take them again as its really healthy too!


It was then time for the Baby Jogger event, you can read about it in full here.

london 3

After the work part of our day was done we headed off to have some fun at London Aquarium, I was warned it would be busy and to come as late in the day as possible, we got there for about 3pm and the main queue was still massive. We had tickets waiting in the priority entrance so could just go straight I would definitely recommend pre booking tickets if you plan to visit in the holidays.

london 7

Despite the business of the Sea life centre we still managed to get around and see everything we wanted too, the lighting situation isn’t great down there so apologise for the photo quality.

Essentially you go round in a big loop to see everything, there are lifts to get you down to the different floors if you need them and plenty of toilets dotted along the way round.

london 6

london 5

I love watching Jellyfish they are so pretty and calming as the float about their tank.

The Sea life centre was so much bigger than I thought it would be, it is really deceptive from the outside, the girls loved the penguin exhibit I didn’t manage to get any photos as it was just so rammed in there but it really is like being taken to the antarctic.

The centre is really interactive with fun things for the kids to do on the way round, questions to answer and things to get them thinking and learning about sea life with out even knowing that they are.

We really enjoyed our visit, it’s something fun for the kids to do and there is so much to do on The Embankment with Shrek adventure being next door you could make the day of it.

By the time we had finished we headed in search of some dinner before catching the train home, I spotted a Giraffe restaurant and instantly thought chicken burger! Giraffe is such a family friendly restaurant the staff were so friendly with the girls bringing them balloon after balloon as the continued to let them float off into the sky (sorry guys!) Really impressed with their customer service.


Then it was time to hop on another ram packed train to head home, It was a long day for the girls but they had a ton of fun.  I made a little video with some clips of our day too..

We were provided with tickets to London Aquarium to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.




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  1. Kimberly
    August 21, 2016 / 11:35 pm

    Looks like y’all had such fun! !
    I have two daughters, and I wish that I was able to take them places.
    However, due to an auto accident,which caused brain damage when I was a small child, I never learned.
    Take your children to different places, as often as you are able.
    They will chearish those memories as they grow older, and be lovely stories for them to share, when they have their own children.
    You are providing your beautiful children, with memories they will chearish, for a lifetime !!

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