A child friendly home – Guest Post

A child friendly home – Guest Post

Every parent wants the best for their child and having the ideal home environment for them to grow is usually one of the top concerns. While every family differs from the next, there are certain things that are essentials when it comes to creating a child-friendly home surrounding. Before deciding on the kind of design, furniture  or décor, extensive planning is crucial in ensuring  that the home will be perfectly appropriate for everyone. Here are some of the basic things to consider when you want to achieve an environment where you and your children will find comfort anytime. You can find a vast collection of home furniture items that will easily spruce up your home while providing the necessities for both parents and children.

  1. Furniture  – Once you start to have kids, know that you are bound to need more space to accommodate the entire family. Living rooms should have enough seating spaces to provide equal comfort to all family members. Also invest in good quality beds and mattresses as sleep is as important. Storage drawers and cabinets should be ample to ensure that individual things are properly kept and stored. As the years pass, you will find yourself with a growing collection of personal items that will surely need storage space. Check out Shop Mohd online store where you can find a offers a vast collection of designed furniture such as Poliform that are not only of innovative designs but are likewise guaranteed to be of excellent quality for a kid-friendly Home.felt_so_good_living_room_polder_sofa_xl_hella_jorgerious_vitra_marble_saarinen_side_table_knoll_slow_chair_ronan_erwan_bouroullec_vitra
  2. Safety – When planning to have children, this is one of the most important things to check. Before adding decorative touches, it is wise to make sure that adequate safety measures are well thought of and that living conditions are optimum especially for proper growth and development. Consider the factors that will keep children away from risks or danger while allowing them to enjoy the living spaces available. Make sure that windows are not falling out and have proper safety system to prevent them from falling out. Floorboards should be well-sanded and finished to eliminate risks of getting hurt from splinters. Remember that growing kids will always be playing on floors. Sharp edges on furniture should be avoided or placed in strategic places to prevent children from hitting against them. Electrical outlets and wirings should be placed comfortably away from their reach. Curtain cords should not be left hanging as they pose a dangerous threat to the safety of very young children. Only use paints with low or no VOC content as this can be a health hazard.
  3. Design – Plan your living space in such a way that it makes it convenient to move around the house with ease. Nurseries should not be placed along traffic areas such as near entertainment rooms. On the other hand, they should be located within hearing distance and allow parents to easily reach the room in an instant. Check ventilation and insulation systems for fresh air to always circulate the home and keep the home sealed from drafts and heat during the changing of the seasons. Enough natural light should be able to enter the home during the day. On the other hand, good lighting system is important in ensuring good sleep and in completing tasks properly.wouwermanstraat-house-amsterdam-kid-and-coe-rental-conde-nast-traveller-1april15-pr-1
  4. Décor – Always consider that children tend to be curious about things or are clumsy during earlier years. Avoid placing too many breakable items that can be easily reached by curious little hands. Likewise, invest in good quality fabrics that do not cause allergic reactions to children. Decorate your home in such a way that it provides an ideal family environment where your children can have enough and comfortable space to play and grow. Check here for more Family-Friendly Home Improvements that will make you home even more special.living-room-or-family-room-zttv4cva-1

Disclaimer: This post is a guest contribution. 

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  1. January 4, 2019 / 9:37 am

    Some really useful tips for making home improvements, keeping in mind the health and safety risks for children. Thank you

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