A sweet tooth

A sweet tooth

I make no secret of the fact I have a massive sweet tooth I love love love sweets and chocolate – it is something I have to keep and eye on though. I find it hard to say no it never seems to stop at just one sweet.

I think is goes back to when I was a child I used to get my pocket money each week and head straight to the post office to spend my pennies very wisely – on pick and mix of corse! I try to keep things balanced for the girls they do get treats but not everyday, I want them to see sweets and chocolate as a special treat not just one of those daily things. This does have it’s downfalls though as I have to try to lead by example that or not let them find my secret stash (bad mummy confessions right there!)

Recently I have seen a lot of the old sweets from my childhood coming back, with online retro sweet companies like A Quarter Of bringing back the real retro sweets I used to love but seem to have been forgotten – like rainbow drops, dip dabs, jelly tots and black jacks. Do you remember going in to a shop and getting 50p with of bonbons? I love them things (strawberry especially) I haven’t had them in years! Untitled design-5

I also remember when a fredo used to cost just 10p – inflation has hit that poor little chocolate frog hard over the years. That makes me feel so old!

As we come into the festive season (how quickly did that come around) they seem to be everywhere and temptation is even harder to ignore, I have been thinking I would like to make some little sweet hampers as gifts this year, after all who doesn’t love a sweet.

So I am looking for some inspiration, what are your favourite sweets from childhood?

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  1. November 1, 2015 / 7:09 pm

    I love the white chocolate pizza things, you know with he hundreds of thousands on top? x
    Katy recently posted…Our Cosy Halloween At HomeMy Profile

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