£3 and Under: Cute and Quirky Gifts to Slot into Cards

£3 and Under: Cute and Quirky Gifts to Slot into Cards

I don’t know about you but recently it seems there has been birthdays and occasions popping up all over the place, with kids starting school and nursery and an ever growing list of friends and family there is always something going on. Today I am bringing you a guest post from Lesley Stevens of Decorque Cards who is sharing some wonderful little ideas that you can pop into a card for your loved ones. Simple little token gifts that sometimes mean so much more.

Next time you pick out a greeting card, why not think about sending something with it? Sure, the card in itself is a lovely gesture – particularly if it comes out of the blue, and to celebrate no real occasion to speak of – but consider how adding a small trinket might raise an even bigger smile.

No one expects to find something other than, if they’re lucky, a £5 note in a greetings card. So it’s always a nice shock when there’s something else inside, be it a heartfelt, hand-written verse, a scratch card or a sentimental photo. And for £3 or less, there are loads of things you can pick up easily to make someone’s day. Here are just a few ideas to pair with the next card you pop in the post box and if you’re looking for a unique handmade card please do check out my website and blog.

A Postage Stamp or Two – Now this might seem like an old one, but popping a postage stamp or two – although you probably won’t get a full book of them for £3 – into a card might encourage an old friend to stay in touch. In today’s world of Facebook messages and emails, isn’t it nice to receive a postcard or greetings card through the letterbox? Let your friend or family member know that, too, by slipping in the stamps with a note to urge them to write back. It’s about time we put the effort in to pen a handwritten note, isn’t it?Unique Postage Stamp

A Friendship Bracelet – Taking you right back to your school days, friendship bracelets adorned the wrist of almost all your pals. And there are few things better than knowing someone you’re close to has made you something, completely from scratch. So next time you’re enjoying an afternoon of crafts, break out the threads and make a bracelet for someone – a niece, nephew, or a good friend. Why ever not? You could pick up the thread for less than £3 via sites like eBay, too.

A Small Keyring – Feeling nostalgic about a day out at the seaside the two of you once enjoyed? Why not pick up a cute and kitsch keyring on your next visit and pop it in a greetings card? Or find a cool and quirky one from places like Not on the High Street or Etsy. That way, you’ll be on someone’s mind each and every day, when they leave their house for work or head to the shops in their car. It’ll encourage someone you rarely see to pick up the phone more often – and that can only be a good thing.

A Bookmark – Is a friend or family member book-mad? Adding a bookmark to a card – either homemade or otherwise – is a lovely thought and won’t affect your postage costs. Head to places like Waterstone’s, scour homemade or personalised gifts websites, or take a look at independent gift shops for something a little bit different.Creative Bookmarks

A Homemade ‘I Owe You’ – Guilty of not seeing your friend often enough? Or maybe it’s your turn to cook tea for your other half at the weekend? Why not send your pal or partner a card complete with a homemade I Owe You. This could be anything from a couple of cinema tickets, so the two of you can enjoy a favourite film together, to a promise to get in the kitchen and whip up something lovely.

The next time you send out a card, why not try one of the above? Or perhaps you have your own tried and trusted ideas?


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