£3 and Under: Cute and Quirky Gifts to Slot into Cards

I don’t know about you but recently it seems there has been birthdays and occasions popping up all over the place, with kids starting school and nursery and an ever growing list of friends and family there is always something going on. Today I am bringing you a guest post from Lesley Stevens of Decorque Cards who is sharing some wonderful little ideas that you can pop into a card for your loved ones. Simple little token gifts that sometimes mean so much more. Next time you pick out a greeting card, why not think about sending something with it? Sure, the…

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Postsnap Review

The last few days I’ve been trying out a brilliant new app Postsnap, an app which enables you to easily create post cards on your iPhone or iPad. Postsnap is a way of bringing the old fashioned post card into the 21st century, I love receiving a card and sending them but nowadays its all picture messages I’ve got hundreds (ok thousands) of pictures on my phone and laptop that I never get round to printing off postsnap makes it so easy!  Postsnap is free to download from the apple store on your iPhone or iPad and allows you to create post cards, greeting cards and announcement cards using your own photos which…

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