First day nerves

First day nerves

Today Maisy started her ‘big girls nursery’ as she likes to call it. We’ve been waiting for the day for months ever since she got her letter offering her a place I’ve been so excited. It seemed like the next obvious step going from a couple sessions a week at a private nursery to the ‘big’ nursery as the school which she now will be attending every single morning and wearing her super cute looking school uniform. 

In her uniform

We spent a lovely afternoon a few weeks ago trolling round the shops together choosing it all it was such a nice bit of mummy and Maisy time and now I’m even more glad we got that time as this morning it dawned on me she’s only getting older, more independent and less reliant on me, the thought does scare me a lot.

So this morning as she hopped along beside me down the road she was so excited and my stomach was churning, my anxiety recently has reached a new height and today was properly the worst, But she had a fantastic time, made a beautiful picture for her dad (where the hells mine) and is so excited to go back again tomorrow. Seeing her happy makes it so much easier on me I don’t know how I would cope if she said she didn’t want to go, mums that go through that struggle I really take my at off to you. 

First Day Nerves 

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