Baby clothes haul!

Baby clothes haul!

Lottie’s growing so quickly at almost 7 months now her 3-6 month wardrobe is starting to get a little tight on her so I’m starting to get a few bits in 6-9 months as she starts fitting into them. There seems to be such a huge difference in the two sizes 6-9 months still hangs off her so the bits I’ve been getting are more A/W as before we know it it’ll be getting cold again! 

So first up last week we headed to mothercare I still had some vouchers to use up that I was given when she was born. She didn’t need anything then so we waiting untill she was abit bigger and here’s what I got. 

This 3 pack of long sleeved tshirts love these really soft and such cute little bunny designs £10 for the set. 

These cute little leggings always need leggings I like her to be comfy now she trying so hard to crawl she needs to be able to move about easily and I loved the little detail on the knees I think it’s a cat? Maybe a mouse? I think these we’re great value £6 for the 2 pack. 

This all in one is mahoooosive on her she isn’t going to be in this for a while even though it’s 6-9 but I thought it would be good for the colder months with the feet on because I can’t for the life of me keep a pair of socks on the kid for more than 5 mins! It’s 2 peice so there’s just a white long sleeved vest underneath. That was £12.

Next I picked up this little knitted dress I really liked the little green pockets, think this will be nice with some little tights. That was £14.

Last thing from mothercare and my favourite this beautiful pink cardigan the Lacey detail is soo pretty this will look so lovely on her. £8 for that one. 

Couple other bits I’ve got are from next actually got these in the sale a while back but as she didn’t really need anything then I got a size up and put them away. 
These baby grows, I always get the next baby grows I think they’re are such good quality and wash up nice, don’t go all bobbly. They’re even better when they’re in the sale for only £8!! Bargin 

Last of all this cute patchwork dress think this is so pretty abit more summery but I think itll look nice with some tights and a cardigan! And that was £13.

So they’re the bits I’ve got so far for her 6-9 size wardrobe I get a little sad every time she goes up a size her baby days are going by so fast! 

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  1. September 16, 2014 / 11:24 am

    These are just lovely. So many nice colours and pretty things! I love having a girl too – so much to buy!!!! 🙂 x x

    • September 21, 2014 / 7:10 am

      There it with the 3 I can get very carried away!

  2. September 17, 2014 / 10:32 pm

    I love the tops in the first photo – I saw a pramsuit with the same bunny print that I was thinking about getting. Love the Next sleepsuits too – they were a great bargain x

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