Gettin ready to wean

Gettin ready to wean

So baby Lottie is now at the age where I am starting to think about weaning! I really don’t know where these last few months have gone, my little baby is not so little anymore :(.
Although she has been showing some signs she’s ready and interested in food for the last couple of weeks her weight gain has stayed spot on so I’ve been putting it off slightly, for no reason other than I am completely lazy, breast feeding is so much easier no preparing, cooking, mess or washing up but I know I can’t just keep her on this forever.

When should you wean?:

Official guidelines say you should wait to introduce solids to your baby until they are 6 months (24 weeks). Who ever you ask mum, sister, friend, health visitor will have a different view on when you should wean and all babies are different so I personally think it depends on individual situations, parents are in tune with their babies needs and will start to know when they are ready.

My top bits you need for weaning are:

  1. Ice cube trays! When first weaning its all about just trying different fruits and veg, babies really don’t need a lot to if you blitz some veg and freeze in ice cube trays you can just pop out a cube or 2 as and when needed.
  2. Hand blender/food processor. Just to make life a little bit easier I always made my older two girls food when they were weaning its so much cheaper than buying the jars, I’ll definitely be doing the same again with Lottie. 
  3. Bibs. Weaning is messy and some foods particularly any tomato based sauces will stain I think the plastic bibs are great because they  also catch the food that has been spat out! 75% usually is – FACT.
  4. Lots of wipes/flannels weaning is messy I do love those mucky little faces but they need to be cleaned so have lots of wipes to hand or a flannel to mop them up after you have taken a picture of course – they are the cutest!

So I’ve started pureeing some fruit and veg and freezing it to get ready to start weaning in the next week or so. Below I’ve done some sweet potato boiled then pureed with a hand blender. And some apple which I’ve steamed in a saucepan then blended. You can feed baby these just by themselves or mix a little in with some baby rice one defrosted.

This is just one sweet potato and one apple as you can see it makes a fair bit when just starting they only need one or 2 cubes at a time it works out so much cheaper than buying the jars.
If you have me on twitter or instagram be prepared for the mucky little faces in the not to distant future.

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    1. July 31, 2014 / 11:38 am

      These are great tips! I am sure she will take to it just great! I loved watching mine try all the different foods! Now they eat lots of meals…all by themselves! 😉 x x

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