Garden FAIL

Garden FAIL

So this is my first year with a garden, we moved from a flat to this house last October, I loved the fact it had a nice small garden big enough for the girls to have a play and put a few chairs out to sit on not so big i would feel over whelmed and not be able to maintain it. When we got here the garden had been pretty neglected so I vowed after baby was born I would tart it up a bit stick some pretty flowers out, make it a little fun project for me and the girls.
I envisaged myself this summer laying on a sun lounger cold drink in hand catching some rays surrounded by all these lovely plants we would of done in the spring.

Maisy and Bella planting some sunflowers back in April.


It started so well..

Well I have since discovered that I most definitely not been blessed with “green fingers“.

We planted a couple of pots I felt very pleased with my self we watered them made sure they had enough sun watched them bloom (slightly), to then come out one morning to find they had actually just blown out of the pot!

I now have two pots of soil to admire in the garden.

We did sunflowers … they grew about an inch until they died (R.I.P)

We even planted some cress on the window. Yes i managed to kill cress, no I don’t know how that’s even possible.

I am useless in the garden but this shall not stop me trying I got a tomato plant the other day and some orange flower/bush type thing (I don’t no). We shall see how long they survive. I will be back with an update on this soon, this week I am determined to get my garden looking good.

Wish me luck

I’d love to hear your gardening fails or any tips you may have to help this poor plants survive?

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