Fun in the sun

Fun in the sun

Yesterday daddy had the day off work so we decided to go out for the day and have some fun in the sun!
He works a lot of hours so getting a day when we can go and do something all together is great and we try and make the most of it.

As it was another beautiful sunny day we took a trip down to Christchurch a pretty little town near us, with a beautiful coast and country side it makes a great day out for children.

We spent the day around the playground as there’s a lovely big grassy area to have a picnic and a really great splash park aswell the kids absolutely loved going in there and getting soaked by all the sprinklers and paddling in the pool. And what is better on a sunny day than a ice cream by the quay looking over at all the boats.

Christchurch quay

The little pop up sun tent I’m using  (pictured below) is from Mothercare it is brilliant its a really bright red which is great so the children can spot it and remember where we are sat, its a really good size when its folded it fits nicely in the basket of the push chair (icandy peach) and when its up there is plenty of space in there for Lottie to lay as it keeps her out of the sun and to put our bags aswell. Its really simple to put up and down, i know some claim to be pop up but genrally take 3 people and a set of tools to get it back down again, but this really does just pop and then stick a couple of pegs in so it doesn’t fly away. I’m really pleased with it even more so as my mother in law picked it up in a charity shop for a couple of quid! bargin.

Fun Day Out

I hadn’t been here since I was small so its lovely when you go back see things you recognise and watch you own children playing and enjoying the things I used too. On the whole a great day out  we are loving this weather -hope it lasts!

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