My Girls – August

Maisy (4 years 8 months) August has been the last month with my biggest girl at home during the day, this time next week she will be in the full swing of reception life! She is so ready for school and has missed her friends massively over the last  6 weeks. Some days has been a little bit of a handful but I will miss her a lot when she is in for the full day. I bought Maisy a guitar online a few weeks ago, a ukulele turned up but she didn’t mind. I been listening to the lovely sounds of Maisy’s…

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Feeling outnumbered?

If you’ve read my blog before you will probably be well aware I have three little girls whom I absolutely adore, but ever since my first daughter was born in 2010 people have constantly asked if we would like to have a boy? And with each subsequent pregnancy and the birth of two more little girls the question has been more frequent.  Will you try again for a boy?  Ryan’s made no secret along the way that he would of liked to have a son, a boy to take to football or boxing, where he can have the input in…

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