Working mother: 6 tips to keep ahead of everything in the morning

Working parents. Little heroes of everyday life try to balance professional obligations and the most demanding venture: raising children. Maybe you are among them. Running to catch everything from the moment you open your eyes in the morning: getting ready for work, taking care of the kids for school and scheduling all the chores. 

Every minute is precious, and you try to make the most of it. But is it time to apply a planning strategy to stop stressing and enjoy the start of your day with your kids as much as possible? There are six ways to save time, and these are:

1) Do not waste time checking your emails and social media accounts 

Research shows that in the morning, a large percentage of people spend time responding to their emails and messages on Facebook, messing around with posts. You can do this when you go to the office or after the children leave for school.

2) Do not wake up at the same time as the children wake up

Set an alarm earlier: It is important to enjoy your coffee before the children wake up. This will make you more productive, according to research. If you always wake up with the kids, then this will not let you easily enjoy your breakfast.

3) Take a bath at night just before bed

This will save you a lot of time. Many people wait in the morning to take a bath and spend at least half of their precious time there.

4) Choose your clothes and the children’s clothes from the evening

It is a detail that takes up a lot of time during the day. Calmly and with inspiration, choose the right clothes for the new day in the evening and stop worrying at the last minute about what you will wear while listening to a “Mom, what should I wear?”.

5) Do not do everything yourself

Do not make everything difficult on your own. If the children are a little older, they can help you too. Teach them how to make their bed and get their things ready for school (this can be done in the evening as well).

6) Organize your mornings better

A positive start to the day is significant, which is why it is important not to start the morning with whining, shouting and stress to catch everyone. You can find your and the children’s clothes from the previous night, have the bags ready as well as the breakfast and do not leave any pending type of chore for the next morning. The fewer moves in the mornings, the better.

Of course, all of the above also applies in case a mother works from home. Working from home, the mother would say that she has the ability to better balance staff with her working time, having a more flexible and free work schedule, especially when she practices a creative profession like that of the voice actress, which offers her the opportunity to practice her talent and creativity, while at the same time living a normal family life. If you are a mother and want to work as a voice actress, you can turn to to participate in very interesting projects and professional development opportunities. In this way, you will not only be satisfied with your work, but at the same time, you will be able to dedicate quality time to your children – something that all mothers strive for.


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