The Best Presents for New Mums

The arrival of a baby is a blessing that is welcomed with open arms. It is very common that when the relatives and friends of the parents get to know the baby, they bring a present for the baby. However, sometimes we forget about the mother, who has just gone through a tough process, coupled with the accumulation of feelings she has for the joy of having her baby with her and a hormonal mess that may make her feel somewhat vulnerable thanks to the emotional changes she experiences. Therefore, offering a little gift to her can help cheer her up and make her feel loved. What to give a mum who just had a baby?

Choosing a gift for a mum who just gave birth may not be as easy as it sounds. The most common gifts are chocolates and flowers, but in reality they are not the most successful. In the first place, the mother is facing breastfeeding for the first time, so her diet, at least in the beginning, is usually quite mild. On the other hand, the flowers are a nice touch, but if you take them to the hospital they can pose a risk to the newborn, since it is not yet known if she has an allergy or not. Can’t think of more ideas? Take a look below!

1. Nursing clothes

Nursing clothing is expensive and generally the mother invests the essential in it, since it is clothing that will be worn for a relatively short time (although this will depend on the time she breastfeeds her baby) and generally the expenses are usually focused on the baby. So a modern and beautiful nursing t-shirt or dress can be a wonderful gift for the mother to start looking sexy and pretty too. Find out what her favourite colour is, and you will succeed!

2. A book on breastfeeding

A book about breastfeeding, about maternal love, a special maternity diary to write down special dates with her baby or a diary for her to write down everything she feels in this new adventure that she has just undertaken. If you go to your specialized bookstore, you will see that there are several very interesting options that can be very useful for the mother, including emotional support in the face of the dreaded postpartum depression.

3. A set of nursing pads

She will need them and you can encourage her to use organic breast pads. They are usually made of fabric, some made of bamboo thread, soft and resistant to rising milk. And they are a very good option compared to disposable protectors that pollute a lot. So you can wear that shirt that you like so much without fear of a surprise stain appearing.

4. A special treatment for the skin

If you have confidence with the mother, you can give her a special postpartum cream to help her avoid her stretch marks. It is a practical gift but at the same time it reminds the mother that taking care of her is also important (something that those who have just given birth often forget). Another option is a facial, since the hormonal change after childbirth tends to dry out the skin quite a bit. Give her a good cream and some face masks to pamper herself. If interested check the beauty products by  She deserves them!

5. A hair care set

Many moms lose their hair a lot in the first stage of breastfeeding, so if you give them a good hair care product, they will surely appreciate it. It is important that she has a nice packaging so that she relates it more to the pampering towards herself (with time she will realize that it is a very well thought out gift).


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