Adults: why should I get invisalign braces?

The idea of getting braces on your teeth as an adult isn’t particularly appealing. You probably have a stereotypical image of braces being on an adolescent teenager in an awkward phase of their life – it’s not one you feel particularly fondly towards. However, braces have adapted significantly in the recent years, and there’s now the option of invisalign, a name for invisible braces, which reduce the pain and are exactly as they say on the tin – invisible. So, why should you get invisalign braces?

They’re less painful

If you had traditional braces in your youth, you might remember the discomfort that came with them. Or perhaps you remember a friend complaining about them at school, whilst you happily bit into your apple. The reason traditional braces can cause pain or discomfort is because of the metal wires and brackets, which need to be tightened and can cut your tongue. Differently, invisalign braces are made from plastic and don’t need to be tightened. This means they’re much more comfortable.

You can eat easily

Whilst traditional braces restrict you from eating certain foods like anything crunchy or particularly chewy, with invisalign braces you don’t have these restrictions. In fact, you can pretty much eat whatever you want, allowing you to be indulgent and healthy. The only thing you need to remember is to remove the aligners when you eat, and then you’re free to bite into that delicious chocolate pudding.

They don’t affect your appearance

A massive benefit of invisalign braces is the fact that you can’t see them. Whilst traditional braces have a significant affect on your appearance, invisalign braces are practically invisible. Most people probably won’t even notice that you’re wearing them! This means that you won’t need to feel self-conscious if you’re going out with friends or are being photographed – although you shouldn’t feel this way with traditional braces, either, as they’re nothing to be ashamed of.

They’re quick

Whilst you might be nervously thinking about your friend from school who had braces for four years, you really don’t need to worry if you get invisalign braces. Whilst it’s already less of an issue as you won’t have pain, discomfort or an altered appearance, invisalign braces are normally only kept on for in between six months and a year, depending on the severity of the situation. This means you don’t have to remember to take them out when you eat for a long period of time, which makes it completely doable, even for the most forgetful people.

They work

The most significant reason for getting invisalign braces is that they work. You’re probably considering getting them because you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, and would like them to look straighter or closer together. Or perhaps you’re worried about health risks, like tooth loss or gum disease. Whatever the reason, Invisalign braces focus on moving your teeth and placing the correct amount of pressure to move them slowly and progressively. Once the aligners are removed, you’ll see incredible results. 


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