Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Office

If, like me, you spend your time working at home, it’s imperative you have an inspiring, motivating space to work in.

It doesn’t matter how large or small this workspace is, you need to make it your own and ensure it’s a place you can get your head down and focus properly on the day/night ahead.

With that in mind, here are a few ideas to help get you started:

Find the Right Space

First, you need to identify which area is going to be best for your work. This may be the spare bedroom or it could even be the garage or garden shed (once heating’s added, of course). It needs to be somewhere that you feel you can switch off from everything around you – and ignore those chores you’ve still got to do (I know how hard that is, believe me!).

Not got a spare room?

Don’t worry. You can soon create a retreat using a larger room that’s sectioned off to include your office space. Screens create the perfect secluded spot without detracting from your room’s décor.

Consider What You Need to Get Your Work Done 

Once you know where you’re going to set up your office, think about what you need to make it a functional space. For example, that gorgeous contemporary desk you’ve seen may look fabulous, but is it going to provide you with ample workspace and be comfortable for sitting at all day long?

Think about storage, too. How much filing will you need to do and how will you stay organised? Tall storage units are ideal for filing lots of papers away while chalkboards and flipcharts are perfect for keeping you organised and focused on what’s scheduled in for the week.

Add a Few Luxurious Personal Touches 

Now, even though your workspace needs to be practical, it also needs to be inspirational. And that’s where the fun bit comes into play.

Find some added extras that’ll bring the space to life and make it feel like somewhere you want to spend lots of time. For example, wall art is ideal, as are fresh flowers and vibrant cushions and throws.

Equally, if you’ve got the space, you might even want to add a sofa. While this may seem like a tempting distraction, it’s the perfect place to snuggle up if you feel as though you need a more ‘chilled’ day, and it’s also a place where the kids can come and feel comfortable if they want to spend time with you while you’re working. Just make sure it’s a no noise zone where they have to read or do their homework.

Places like Cox & Cox offer a stunning range of sofas that’ll add plenty of creativity and panache to your office.

Finally, finish the space with some green plants to bring a touch of the outdoors in, add plenty of natural (and artificial) light so you can achieve the perfect setting each day and get to work on that growing pile of paperwork!


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  1. Chris Rogers
    September 18, 2018 / 3:04 am

    I totally agree with finding the right space for your home office somewhere that you feel you can switch off from everything around you – and ignore those chores you’ve still got to do. It may be hard but you need to learn how to separate your work life from your normal life at home. Distractions will always be around your house, but there will always be a solution to that.

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