How to survive your children having chicken pox

Ah yes the dreaded chicken pox season is among us, my girls had it this time last year and once again it seems to be popping up everywhere. It is a horrible illness for anyone to go through but especially the little ones who often don’t understand just how important it is to get rest and not scratch! Today I am sharing with you my own experience and tips for how to survive the pox!

As I said it was this time last year that Maisy and Bella were struck down with Chicken Pox, Lottie had had it a couple of months prior. I thought we were safe and it had managed to miss them as we piled into the car and headed on our summer holiday trip to Cornwall.

I was wrong.

It was literally at the m5 services station that Maisy said she felt hot, I thought nothing on it until in the final stretch of the drive she started getting all fussy with her clothes and looking uncomfortable. We were already 3 hours in to the drive so when we arrived at the hotel I had a look and spotted the first few little blisters coming up. We got room services and an early night before heading out to the local pharmacy first thing for some Care ViraSoothe (it really helps to cool, soothe and reduce scaring and Calpol.

It was later on that day that Bella started itching and unsurprisingly she also came out in spots. There we were just me and 3 children in Cornwall with Chicken Pox, oh and did I mention it was about 30°c making the girls even more uncomfortable than they already were.

We did what anyone would so in that situation and we headed home early! It was a horrible few days for the girls, they seemed to suffer a lot more than Lottie did. Maisy in particular came out in blisters the size of 50p pieces, the doctor reassured me that although not nice for her they weren’t infected or dangerous to her health.

Chicken pox is never a nice experience fortunately most will only ever have it the once, for when that time may come here are some tips on how to help children feel more comfortable:

  • Cool baths
  • Plenty of fluids
  • Infant paracetamol if necessary
  • Cutting children’s finger nails to avoid scratching
  • A cooling gel or spray such as Care ViraSoothe
  • Light loose clothing
  • Anti-histamine

I hope this post has helped, just know you are not alone we have all been there it’s not nice seeing your children so helpless but you will start to see them improve within 5-7 days.

Care ViraSoothe have an online hub on their website with information on chickenpox and advice on how to manage it, which can be accessed here: 

This post has been written in association with Care ViraSoothe all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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