Common Interior Design Mistakes to Avoid

There’s no denying that interior design is subjective. When it comes to our homes, we’d like the décor to match our individual taste. As many of us design and decorate ourselves, mistakes are possible. There are common mistakes when it comes to interior design that are seen over and over again. If you know what to stay away from, you’re one step closer to creating the perfect look and feel in your home. Here’s a list of the mistakes you should be avoiding.

Accessory Overload

In modern interior design, space is a commodity held with the highest regard. Everyone knows that too much ‘clutter’ can invade this space. A clean and contemporary look can be hindered by the overuse of accessories. This doesn’t, however, mean you should keep them out of your design plans completely. If you find yourself with a high number of knick-knacks or ornaments you’d like to display, you could consider rotating their use. You may find that some lend themselves better to the summer months, whereas some provide a feeling of cosiness that would be better suited to the colder weather. Try to keep them at a minimum, and you’ll find that the room can look more spacious and modern. 

Inefficient Lighting

When it comes to lighting, a common mistake is to rely on one overhead light fixture. Whilst a fancy chandelier may look great, in terms of practicality it isn’t enough to have just that. Adding in more low-level light, such as floor lamps or even candles, helps to provide more options. You also need to think about the natural light within a room. Referencing again the trend of space within modern interior design, natural light helps to open up a room and make it feel airier. Make sure that there’s nothing blocking the natural light from filtering through any windows. The more natural light you have, the less you have to use your electricity. This can save you a fair amount of money in the long-run. 

Decorating First

This is a mistake that can quickly become the bane of your life. Whilst you might be eager to get the walls painted or wallpapered first, it’s best to purchase your furniture beforehand. Consider this: you decorate the entire room, and begin looking for furniture, but you’re struggling to find something that perfectly fits in terms of both style and colour. There’s many more paint colours to choose from than there are furniture styles. For this reason, you should choose your perfect furniture first. It will be much easier to find a paint that fits with your new pieces than vice versa. 

Dismissing Quality for Price

We understand that everyone’s on a budget of some kind. Depending on how tight your budget is, you might be tempted to allow for poorer quality to save a few pounds here and there. Whilst it might be okay to shop the sales, opting consistently for the lower prices likely means a lower standard of material. This is true for furniture and other pieces within your home, but can be flipped on its head when it comes to other aspects. Take your floors as an example. Whilst solid wood flooring is the more expensive option, engineered wood or laminate flooring offer better durability due to their composition. Yet, they are more cost-effective. Make sure to do your research beforehand and choose what fits each room best. 

What interior design mistakes have you made, and what do you do to avoid them?


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