What’s Inside Our Easter Basket?

The snow on the ground could fool you into thinking winter is still very much upon us. When in actual fact British summer time begins in only 6 days!

I don’t tend to hold our a great deal of hope for the British weather but I also don’t expect to be wrapped up in hats and scarfs at this time of year.

But as the snow starts to melt hopefully this will be the last of it and our days will start brightening up a little.

Easter is less than two weeks away so to brighten up the mood I am sharing what is inside my girls Easter basket!

I love Easter, you all know by now I am a huge chocoholic so I really am in my element on this holiday.

I always love this half term as well. It’s usually a little warmer so we can get out and about and have some really fun family days. With it being two weeks as well I just feel like you can take your time and really enjoy it.

We always have an Easter egg hunt at home on either Sunday or Monday morning, the girls love routing through the house to find their little treats and it always ends with their basket of goodies at the end!

I don’t go mad, in fact most of these items I pop in the basket are from the pound shop or home bargains so its a really inexpensive way to make the day a little more special.  

We have fun crafts, sets to make easter bonnets and a few little toys, I think all in all I have spent around £15 creating this, if you would like to see exactly what I have put into our easter basket then you can watch my video below :).



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