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It’s coming up to nearly 4 years since I started this little blog and I have noticed in recent months the amount of questions I receive asking how to start a blog or what you need to start blogging has been falling into my DM’s more and more.

I love you guys reaching out to me and asking questions about how I started on this crazy journey. Even after 4 years I do still feel very much like I am winging it half the time. Never the less it is flattering to be asked so I thought I would share with you guys the equipment I use day to day and the software I use to edit video and photos. The equipment I use has been built up over the last few years but it is what I would deem as more afordable and good for starting out.


When I started out I was all about using the iPhone. I do think nowadays the picture quality on phones are so good. If you think you need a fancy camera to start you definitely don’t. The camera’s I use now are the Canon 700D and the Canon G7 x. I am a creature of habit so now that I understand Canon’s I will more than likely stick with them but they are a really good quality camera and super easy to get on with.

The Canon 700D is a great little DSLR for anyone starting out. The settings are pretty self explanatory, while I like so shoot mostly in manual now I do use the sport mode to capture the kids running around it’s just such a quick shutter speed for getting those in action shots. I find having a touch screen ideal as well to change the focal point easily. My camera came with the 18-55mm lens which is a pretty basic lens but you can buy a ton more to go with it so as your photography skills grow so can your lens collection.

The Canon G7 X is mostly used for vlogging and for just general use out and about. It’s a compact so really easy to pop in your bag and to whip out for quick pictures. I have had the G7 X for almost 2 years now and I am starting to notice some problems in the functions. The auto focus and brightness seem to be a little slow and often I have to manually set but I do think that comes down to the amount I use it and not a reflection of the camera quality. 

Tripods and Lighting

These two came in once I started doing a bit more YouTube, balancing a camera on a pile of books was just getting really annoying so my tripod has became a god send. It took me a couple of months to realise the legs on mine actually extended fully, I thought I’d just brought the wrong one! Anyway it was just a cheapy on amazon but it does exactly what I need it to do.
When it comes to my lighting I do feel like I made a bit of a quick purchase without doing much research. I bought two soft box lights and while they were under £70 and do a great job they are just so big when set up. I don’t use them too often unless I am shooting lots of videos or photos in one day. I wish now I had spent a little more and just gotten a ring light. Live and learn!


I edit all my videos and photos on my iMac. My iMac was my biggest purchase since I started blogging/vlogging and I have no regrets at all. It’s so much better having everything up on a big screen. Whist apple are well known for having small storage so far my 1TB is holding out really well. I couldn’t be more happy with it.
I also love using my JBL headphones that were very kindly gifted to me from whilst I am editing. I have the JBL Everest 300 Wireless Headphones, I never realised just how much better wireless would be until I experienced it. Yes up until now I have been wired and many a time have a gotten up too quickly and nearly taken the whole computer screen with me! They are super comfy on my ears and the noise-isolating design helps me get in the zone and really focus on what I am doing.


So  that covers the equipment I use now I am going to share which programs I use to create video and edit my pictures.
For editing photos I use light rooms, I am still very much getting to grips with it but I can do the basics, I pay each month for light rooms but it is a really great piece of software that makes a huge difference to how your photos turn out.
For editing video I use iMovie which is the free programme you get on Mac’s it is quite basic but for what I need to do with video it’s perfect.

So that is pretty much everything I use! what a long list, I have also made a video showing you everything I use if you prefer to see it in action. I hope this has helped and answered any questions you may of had.


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