Five Great Ways to Use Floodlights in Your Garden

Outdoor lighting is a quick and easy way to enhance your garden and make it more usable at the same time. A well-lit eating area can potentially be used throughout the year.

There are many different types of lighting fixtures available, but today I am not going to be taking a look at path lights, Chinese lanterns or lampposts. Instead, I am going to share with you several ways you can use LED floodlights from LED Hut or another retailer to enhance your garden. Most of the suggestions below are quick, easy and inexpensive.

Light up your hedges and fences

The most obvious way to use floodlights is to light up some of your garden fences or hedging. It is surprising just how stunning an ordinary conifer hedge can look when it is bathed in light. Even quite a ratty looking fence can look nice if you light it well. Usually, it is best to locate the floodlights on the floor for hedges. But, for fences, the lights should be attached to the fence itself. For this job, because the light can be quite soft, you can use the lowest grade of floodlights. In some cases, it will make more sense to use spotlights instead.

Light up some of your larger plants

Potentially you can also use them to bathe a large tree or garden-feature in a beautiful, soft glow. You can learn more about how to do it, here.

Create a night-time play area

Most kids love playing in the garden. Using a floodlight or two, you can easily enable them to continue to do so, long after the sun has gone down. When you do this, it makes sense to protect the lights using a metal cage. This will stop stray footballs, basketballs and tennis balls breaking the bulbs or fixtures.

Improve garden safety

Floodlights that are fitted with a sensor also have the potential to improve garden safety. Fitting one above a set of patio doors is a good way to make sure nobody trips when entering or exiting your home.

Improve the security of your home

Lighting up a garden is also a good way to discourage burglars. They tend to like to work in the dark when breaking into a home. You can either buy actual security lights or just make sure that your decorative floodlights have good-quality movement sensors fitted to them.

A word about cost

Floodlights are no longer expensive to buy. However, most of them have to be wired into mains electric, which means employing an electrician. Plus, they have the potential to be very expensive to run if you choose the wrong type. Halogen floodlights use far more power than the LED versions do, so it is usually worth buying LED outdoor lights.

It is also important to be able to turn each set of light on and off when you want to. If you go away on holiday you will not necessarily want to have your decorative lights on. However, you will still want your security floodlights to work. Having them wired up separately will enable you to choose which lights you leave on and which ones you turn off.


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  1. February 17, 2021 / 1:53 pm

    Chicken wire and hardware cloth are ideal for keeping small animals away from your garden. Additionally, you’ll need to install the mesh fencing around the perimeter of the garden. The fence doesn’t have to be too high.

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