Four Tips for to Help You to Stay Warm and Cosy at Home

It is officially cold. We have already had two nasty cold snaps, this winter, and according to the the long-term weather forecast we are likely to experience a few more. So, I thought a quick tips post on staying warm was in order.

Make sure that your heating system is fit for purpose

If you have not already done so, get your boiler serviced. It will run far more efficiently and, more importantly, is far less likely to let you down. Trying to live without heating is no joke when there is snow on the ground. It is far better to look after your boiler rather than wait for it to breakdown.

If you use heating oil, get in touch with someone like to get a quote. During the winter months, it is best to keep your tank topped up.

At this time of the year, heating oil and Calor Gas firms get very busy. As a result, delivery lead times can be long. In some areas, you can easily wait a couple of weeks for them to deliver. Longer, if the road conditions are bad, therefore, it is best not to let your fuel supplies run too low. The same is true if you rely on wood or chippings to heat your home. It is wise to make sure that you always have at least a month´s worth of fuel in reserve.

Kill off any draughts

If you have not already done, on a cold and windy day, go around your home looking for draughts. Feel around the edges of doors and windows. If you can feel cold air, there are gaps. Filling these will make a huge difference to how warm your home feels. Usually, it will not take long or cost much. This article explains how to address most of the draughts you will find.

In rooms like your living room it may also be worth moving some furniture around. Moving chairs closer to the fire or changing the orientation of your sofa so it is not right up against a radiator can both help to keep everyone warmer.

Create a cosier ambience

Studies show that people feel warmer in a room that looks cosy. Simple steps like adding some throws, putting the fire on low, drawing the curtains and turning the lights down low, all help.

Get everyone in their PJs earlier

People tend to feel warmer and cosier when they are wearing their pyjamas. These clothing items are usually made from warm fabrics and have elasticised cuffs and leggings, which really helps to keep the draughts out. If you encourage everyone to wear a dressing gown along with socks and slippers you could potentially turn the thermostat down a bit.

Making sure that everyone has a throw or blanket to use in the living room also helps. Most people find that they actually like snuggling up under one. It really is a great way to stay warm.

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