Tips For Christmas Prep

Christmas is always a busy time. With presents to buy and wrap, Turkeys to prep and family to see December’s calendar is always ram packed. It can feel a little overwhelming which is why Liverpool ONE have asked me to share how I prepare for having guests this Christmas period hopefully some of these tips with help you in feeling more organised this year.

  1. Shop early; I am not saying start in January but this year I started on my Christmas gift shopping back in October. It’s really taken the pressure off me knowing that I already have the majority of my gifts sorted. An extra bonus is, I have missed the busy Christmas crowds too.
  2. Look for free local activities; If you’re having guests to stay you don’t always just want to be stuck in the house. Have a look online and see what activities are on in your local area anything from light switch on’s, Christmas markets or even have a look at whats on in your nearby National Trust locations. It’s so nice to wrap up warm and get out and about maybe even have a cheeky mulled wine on the way!
  3. Pre-Order the food shop online; This is the first year I have done this and it made me feel like a real adult. I booked in my Christmas food shop a month before Christmas! Again I am not having to worry about a turkey being left for us or if I will be able to get my hands on enough to feed the troops. I have it all booked and paid for and coming fresh a couple of days before Christmas, it’s a real game changer!
  4. Delegate; Yes I want to be super women and do it all but the fact is I am not! So don’t be afraid to ask for help and get everyone involved in making your Christmas an amazing one.
  5. Board Games; Always get a couple of board games for under the tree, it is a fun and in-expensive way to get everyone involved and having some fun while you wait for the turkey to cook on Christmas Day.

I am quite chuffed with my own organisational skills this Christmas it really has allowed me to just enjoy the festive period with my friends and family and minimised the fuss that comes with hosting!


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