Who knew sprucing up the kids room could be so easy?

As a parent, you know how easy it can be for your child’s room to become a dumping ground for toys, pictures they’ve painted from school, rocks they liked the look of on your last walk and all manner of things you bought online for them that they’ve promised they would play with, and not forgetting all the treats, books and gifts from grandma and grandpa in the mix!

So, from time to time, it might a good idea to have a good clear out and freshen up your child’s room so that way, they actually want to spend time in there – can find the things they want to play with, and most importantly – might give you 5 minutes peace!

Get them involved!

Maybe your child has grown out of her toddler bed or she’s hitting the tween years and desperately wants a place of her own that represents her tastes. It goes without saying, that we are all happier and more productive when we are in a space that reflects who we are. So, get your child involved! Have a chat with them and together, try to determine how she wishes to use her room and what colours and themes she’d most like to see.

There’s no point painting unicorns on the wall if your child is into football! So make sure you’re both on the same page before anyone starts moving anything.

Bring it to life

Paint is the easiest, cheapest way to change’ a child’s room. And this includes walls as well as furniture! So, don’t just limit your brush to the walls – what about that old tired desk in the corner? Would a bright colour bring it back to life? Or if you have a colour scheme in mind, invite the furniture to the party! It’s easier than hunting the high street and buying everything new and matching – better for your bank balance too!

While we’re on the subject of walls and decorating – why not bring a little fun (and education!) into the mix? Consider using chalkboard paint to create a fun, functional wall section where your kid can write his weekly schedule, draw or even work out a few bits of homework! (Bonus: This is an especially good idea for the littlest kids who still like to “draw on walls.”)

Finding ways to hide the evidence!

From the moment they’re born, kids begin to accumulate a lot of stuff. Storage is crucial and, believe it or not, implementing it in creative ways can make all the difference in the look of your kid’s bedroom. For the younger sports lover, consider a football-shaped toy box. Or invest in a small storage unit with baskets or bins that can be color-coded or marked for specific items. Organisation can make a cluttered room look brand-new!

And if they know where all their toys and bits and pieces are – they’re more likely to play with those items they pestered you for last Christmas and birthday, right?

*Collaborative post. 



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