How to survive cooking your first Christmas dinner

Christmas is fast approaching and so is my first year of cooking a Christmas dinner! Yes you heard me correctly in my 25 years I have never cooked Christmas dinner for the family. I am kind of excited and kind of dreading it in equal measures. I want to have a lovely, relaxing Christmas Day with my girls that doesn’t involve me being a slave to the kitchen but I also want to make the best roast dinner our household has ever seen (perfectionist aren’t I).

Christmas to me is all about family time and enjoying our day together and food is a huge part of that. My vision of sitting around the table pulling crackers and joking amongst ourselves does not involve dry turkey or a lumpy gravy. Thankfully the genius’s at Hello Fresh have come to my rescue just in the nick of time and sent me their Ultimate Christmas Dinner Guide! This little cheat sheet has completely put my mind at rest with helpful tips, delicious recipes (they make boring Brussel sprouts sound like a dream) and the most helpful timeline for me to cook along with on Christmas Day.

I think there are a few main points I need to remember for a successful first Christmas dinner;

  1. Stop putting pressure on myself, it is my Christmas too and the kids will probably be full of chocolate come dinner time anyway!
  2. PREP PREP PREP; from putting the food order in in advance to prepping the veg the night before prep is key to a relaxing day.
  3. The main one – Enjoy it!! I love to cook so I am just going to enjoy it,  follow my cheat sheet and have a wonderful day with my family.

Download the Hello Fresh Ultimate Christmas dinner Guide here for yourself and get yourself prepared for the most delicious Christmas to date! 


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