One parent in search of a good night sleep..

Don’t mind me just a parent sat here in search of a good night sleep…

I know what your thinking – ‘yeah join the queue, aren’t we all’, but I am in need of help. My sleep pattern recently has been awful, I feel more shattered now than I ever did with babies waking me up through the night.
I just can’t seem to shut off at the moment; I try and get to bed at a decent hour but proceed to lay awake with thoughts from the day or  list’s of what I need to do tomorrow whizzing through my brain. It never used to be an issue but it’s really starting to take it’s toll. I’m waking up feeling tired, I’m unmotivated, irritable and it’s really driving me insane.

So I have sought the help of an expert; the amazing Joy Richards is the Sleep Specialist at Happy Beds and she’s also a mum so she knows just how important our sleep is! From one mother to another I couldn’t not share these tips with you all so here they are..

  1. Get comfortable – When you’re lying there awake counting sheep almost anything can be a distraction – even a squeaky bed frame that creaks every time you turn over, or that old and lumpy mattress you’ve been meaning to replace. Invest in a stylish new bed and a mattress with a firmness rating that suits your needs, and you won’t regret it.
  2. Squeeze out the light – Too much light in a bedroom can not only prevent you from falling asleep, but can also cause you to wake up often in the night for prolonged periods of time. Therefore, blackout curtains or blinds that block out the glow of streetlights are a must.
  3. Get some space – Although it’s nice to sleep in the same bed as your loved ones, sometimes their snoring while star-fishing or wriggling arms and legs can keep you awake into the wee hours. If that’s the case, and you have a big enough bedroom, upgrade to a king size bed and mattress so you can have some space of your own.
  4. Give meditation a go – The yoga-lover in me will always recommend giving meditation a go. In short, meditation means ‘transforming the mind’ and involves guided thinking which helps to boost emotional positivity, calm the mind and improve clear thinking. You can purchase a CD guide online or attend a local class, then go it alone once you’ve mastered the technique. You’d be surprised how effective it is.
  5. Stick to a bedtime routine – A bedtime isn’t just for kids. If you go to bed and get up at a similar time each day, your body will get into the habit and help you wake up feeling rested and refreshed, and sleepy again in time for slumber.

These tips have really started to help me switch off at bed time; I noticed I had a string of fairy lights above my bed and with every move I mad they jangled and disturbed me – so although pretty they have been relocated! I used to love doing yoga and pilates but have gotten out of the habit so definitely getting back into that asap.

Fingers crossed to lots of full nights sleep to come check out Happy Beds Comfort Zone for more great articles.

*This post is written in collaboration with Happy Beds. All thoughts, opinions and desperate pleas for sleep are my own.


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