25 thoughts for 25 years

Yesterday I turned 25 years old.

25 to me sounds such a scary adult age, yes I am aware I am already an adult with three children but aged 23/24 everyone will say oh you’re still so young. I can’t see them saying that for too much longer.

I’m not a huge fan of my own birthday, I seem to prefer other peoples. I tend to start feeling a bit reflective in the days leading up to it and putting pressure on my self to ‘have the best birthday yet’. When the day comes it all goes out the window and usually is a great day but I always feel slightly tense in the run up to it.

Yesterday was a really great day. I was woken up with a bowl of dry muesli and a cup of water by my three daughters, they each gave me the best cuddles and a home made card – cuties. My afternoon was spent with my best friends, we did a bottomless brunch at the Hilton Hotel. It included good food and unlimited Prosecco so as you can imagine I was a huge fan!

Today in my over tired mildly hung over state I go to thinking about what the last 25 year has given me, what I have learnt and the values and beliefs I live my life by, I thought I would share 25 thoughts for 25 years.

  1. Find good friends and don’t let them go – they are hard to come by.
  2. Be grateful.
  3. If you don’t like something, change it.
  4. If you want the top buy the damn top.
  5. Similarly – if you want the cake, eat the damn cake.
  6. Don’t settle.
  7. Laugh at yourself, if everyone else is – it was probably funny.
  8. Push your boundaries and try new things. As the saying goes don’t knock it until you have tried it.
  9. Visit as many new places as you can.
  10. Enjoy learning. I hated school but now as an adult I love learning new things I wish I had embraced school more.
  11. Dance like nobody is watching. Going out and dancing with my friends is one of my favourite things to do. We mess about, we probably look stupid but we also have so much fun doing it.
  12. Sleep is more important than work. I’m not saying nap at your desk, I’m saying don’t work till 3am.
  13. Take photo’s and capture memories.
  14. Keep your independence.
  15. Don’t define yourself by others.
  16. Never loose sight of your goals.
  17. Smile as often as you can.
  18. Embrace your flaws. We all see our own imperfections so much more clearly than anyone else.
  19. Open up to those around you. A problem shared IS a problem halved.
  20. Like attracts like. I am a firm believer in the laws of attraction.
  21. Understand people will let you down, it’s fine learn from it and just move on.
  22. You can’t always be in control of what goes on around you, go with the flow.
  23. Social media is amazing yet dreadful at the same time (don’t punish me for that Facebook).
  24. Age is definitely just a number.
  25. In the words of Ed Sheeran – Remember life is more than fitting in your jeans, it’s love and understanding, positivity.

Here’s to 25!



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  1. May 29, 2017 / 8:07 pm

    Aww you’re still so young! 😉 This is sucha nice way to reflect on a ‘big’ birthday! Happy belated birthday!

  2. May 29, 2017 / 8:34 pm

    Belated happy birthday!! I hope you had an amazing day. And you are wise beyond your years … great advice x

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