A beach walk rocking 3Pommes


I love living by the coast. Whether we are in the height of summer or the midst of a cold cold winter we can often be found having a run around by the sea, it’s just beautiful all year round.

For this wintery walk I layered Lottie up in the super cute little outfit she was sent from 3Pommes. I absolutely adore this cardigan on her it looks beautiful  and is super soft and snuggly making an outfit ready for the outdoors.

Grey and pink is one of my favourite colour combos and it looks lovely on my girl.

3 Pommes

3 pommes

3 Pommes

3Pommes is a fab children’s wear brand, they combine the fun and playful designs kids love to wear in a way that is practical and easy for us parents to pull out a cute outfit. I love the little finishing touches that make the products look really special, from the little bows on the sleeves to the detail on the leggings it has all been thought about.


Lottie was pretty in pink and so so cosy as we walked up and down the beach.


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