I don’t know about you guys but I am definitely feeling the pinch after the summer holidays. We had so much going on, we were away a lot so eating out more often than usual and then there was uniform to buy for two children. With excessive spending and less time to actually get work done an email asking me to #ChallengeMyBills couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s one of those things you hear about – shopping around to get a great deal but it’s one of those things that seems to have been on my to do list forever without actually getting done.

With some great tips and advice from Contact numbers UK I finally felt like I knew what I was dong so when the girls went back to school I thought it’s time to get cracking and save some money just in time for Christmas!

So what did I do; firstly I looked at my bank statement – I looked at what bills I had going out each month and listed them, now there are some which are non negotiable like rent, council tax etc but the ones you can shop around on are – insurance, gas & electricity, gym, phones and TV packages.


First on my list were Sky – it wasn’t all that long ago I haggled with Sky to get my bill down, this time I wasn’t looking to actually reduce my costs but I wanted more for my money – Sky are great to negotiate with. Using the tips from contact numbers UK I went in knowing exactly what I wanted (movies) and I acknowledged my worth I am a very loyal customer, I’ve been with them for about 8 years and after a lovely 10 minute chat I had what I wanted – movies free for the year!

Next up Gas & Electric; again I have been with my provider for years and just pay the bill without thinking a great deal about it. I decided to use a price comparison site it actually turned out I could get a cheaper deal with my current provider by just switching tariff – EASY I’ve saved an amazing £241 over the year!

The last one I needed to sort out was my mobile phone – as a blogger I’m online all the time,  I have been using a hell of a lot of data recently, we’ve been away without wifi and I find myself constantly having to buy extra data which works out really costly. I rang up originally to just up my data limit and therefore save on what I am forking out for each month – I ended up upgrading which meant a new phone but actually lower monthly costs with a lot more data. I had to pay to end my current contract slightly early but trading in my old phone covered that so I made a monthly save of at least £15.

This took me one afternoon to negotiate which is just amazing I have Gym, Breakdown cover and insurance to go and I am excited to see what I can save on next!

So now it’s your turn to #ChallengeYourBills check out the advice I followed here and let me know how you get on!


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