Tregenna Castle Day 2

Day two a Tregenna Castle started out just perfectly, the sun was shinning, we had all slept well and we were up and excited to get to the beach.

We had breakfast included in our stay so headed down early to the restaurant to fuel ourselves up for the day. Breakfast was a buffet style with a large range of cooked and continental options available so there is something for everyone, I opted for a nice big cooked breakfast while the girls preferred coco pops and fruit to get their day started.

With full stomaches we set off into St.Ives to see if the beach really was as beautiful as we had heard.
The staff at reception were really helpful with giving me directions through the town and it is actually really simple to find. The beach is about a 10 minute walk from Tregenna which is just about as far as little legs will walk on a boiling hot summers day so it is just as well!
The walk is down quite a steep hill which is fine on the way down but a bit of a leg ache on the way back up with the push chair fully loaded and two hot children a taxi is your best bet.

St.Ives beach really is breathtakingly beautiful.

St.Ives Beach

St.Ives Beach

St.Ives Beach

I had been told it was stunning and I am just minutes away from beautiful beaches at home but St.Ives really is something else. It was the perfect day to be at the beach, baking hot but the cool breeze of the sea kept us happy. The girls spent almost all day playing in the water, and good thing that you bought them a pair of swim goggles.

We were down on the beach at about 9am so by 1pm with the sun being at it’s hottest we headed into town to find some much needed shade and food!

We ended up in Pedn Olva a hotel and restaurant which looks out right across the sea giving really stunning views. It was quite busy being such a lovely day so the food took a little while to arrive but when it did it was  well worth the wait. Grilled prawn salad followed by a honeycomb cheesecake – perfect.

Grilled prawn salad

Honeycomb Cheesecake

chocolate icecream

Pedn Olva is a lovely little restaurant serving delicious food all day I would definitely recommend if you are looking to go out for lunch or dinner in St.Ives.

We then headed back to the hotel to shower our sandy selves off, it was at this point Maisy started to feel a little unwell.. and then I started to see spots. Now as Lottie had had chicken pox just weeks before I had a pretty good idea what it was and I was gutted, we had planned to go for an early morning swim in the hotel the next morning but it just wasn’t possible. Not wanting to ‘share the love’ we stayed in our room for dinner that night and made the most of room service before heading home in the morning.

Our break at Tregenna Castle was perfect even though cut a little short, it’s a great destination for families looking to enjoy the beautiful relaxing atmosphere of Cornwall.

Read about day one at Tregenna Castle here and don’t forget to check out the little video we made of our trip.


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