Bluestone – Our week in pictures

Bluestone – Our week in pictures

You may have seen a couple of days ago our first post about our stay at Bluestone national park resort in Wales. I thought the best way to show you what we got up to was throughout the week would be in pictures get ready for a photo heavy post full of fun!

So on arrival the weather wasn’t great – bluestone is a very outdoorsy place, despite having lots to do inside at the adventure centre or heading off to the blue lagoon for a swim you need to be able get around. Each time we have visited before I’ve gotten a buggy to cart the clan around, unfortunately it seemed everyone else had the same idea and by only Tuesday morning they were all booked up for the week. I was so worried about how the girls were going to cope with all the walking in drizzly weather but they did so well.

bluestone 4

A few of my friends came with us – this is the whole team together, the sun was in my eyes hence the face!

bluestone 6


As I mentioned the weather for the first day wasn’t the best so we spent our time enjoying the adventure centre and at the Blue lagoon, the kids were happy running riot, playing golf and just generally letting off some steam which after a long drive the day before was just what they needed.

We made the most of the cafe and the delicious hot chocolate they serve.


By Wednesday it was dry and we headed off to camp smokey, despite having been to Bluestone twice before I had never gotten around to visiting which I massively regret as I would say it was one of the highlights of our whole week.

As you walk down the boardwalk into the wood you spot camp smokey in the distance it looks picture perfect hidden in the trees with an open fire.


Toasting marshmallows and making smores was so much fun for the girls and the grown ups!

bluestone 7bluestone 10

The kids had such a lovely time exploring and loved having all my friends there to fling them through the air on request.

bluestone 8


By Thursday the weather was beautiful we took a walk round the lake and were chased by some supposedly starving ducks, explored the village and played in the park.


bluestone 2

bluestone 3

The break was lovely, so chilled out. A completely different experience to when we have visited before and rammed our week with as much as possible and despite not taking part in loads of activates again the girls were never bored and we had a great time.

Bluestone still remains one of our favourite places in the UK and I am sure in the future we will be back again.


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