5 Tips For Moving House With Kids

Moving house is a stressful time for anyone let along with you throw kids into the mix, I have been day dreaming about my dream home for so long now thinking about the potential moving process again hasn’t even sunk in! Today I am brining you a guest post from Greenaway Residential sharing 5 top tips for moving house with children.

When it comes to moving house there are so many things that you need to take into consideration. When moving house with children this list doubles, starting as early as telling the children that they will be moving if they are very comfortable where they are living at the moment. When you do decide to share the news with your children the best thing to do is highlight the positive reasons for the move i.e. new friends, bigger bedrooms, garden space etc. Following this the real planning must start in terms of the packing and actual day of moving. The best choice would be to find a babysitter, however in some cases this won’t always be possible. This article helps to ease the stress of moving day with kids with 5 tips to make the big move run much smoother and be a less stressful experience not just for the kids but for you.

  1. It can sometimes be daunting for children when moving to a house that they aren’t used to. This is why it is a good idea that you show your children around the house in advance, maybe let them choose their bedroom and the way they want to decorate it. This way they can become excited about having their new bedroom exactly how they want it rather than being upset about leaving their old room behind.
  2. Keep calm with your children, even though you are going to be stressed with the move, it is important not to forget that the kids will also be emotional. Whether they are emotional or excited it is important to relax and reassure them of the process as they can pick up if you are anxious. This way they can help you throughout the day by being calmer about the move and make the whole experience much more bearable and maybe even enjoyable.
  3. Just before the move it is a good idea to pack your kids a little luggage bag, even get them to help you pack it to make them feel involved, especially if the new house is a fair distance away. This allows them to have some toys and books so they can keep occupied on the drive and once you arrive at the new house. Mainly helping to keep them out of the way and therefore the children won’t be rummaging through boxes during the inevitable chaos.
  4. A vital point to remember is keep their daily routine as similar as possible, even though you are going to be stressed and very busy sorting your new house out. Changing their routine especially if they are younger make them feel anxious and change their behaviour. By keeping meal times and bed times the same, it shows that things are still normal and doesn’t confuse them more during this hectic time.
  5. Provide your kids with jobs they can do throughout the move, whether they be little and insignificant to you, by including them they will feel like part of the move. These could be simply storing their toys in cupboards, breaking the empty boxes and helping move objects that aren’t breakable, particular stress on avoiding the fragile items! With small jobs that keep the children occupied and out of the way of the hustle and bustle, it can benefit everyone. The children will have something to focus on and you won’t have the added stresses of them misbehaving.

Overall, it is nearly impossible to move house with children without some stressful situations, however if you are particularly worried about moving house with kids then hopefully the 5 tips will help you. Make a plan, try to involve the kids where possible and most importantly have fun. Good luck & happy moving.

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