5 Brilliant Unisex Baby Presents Parents will Love

5 Brilliant Unisex Baby Presents Parents will Love


When the parents keep the sex of the baby a secret, it all builds to the anticipation of the birth which is great but when it comes to getting a gift, things can get tricky. Do you go with your gut instinct or when you overheard the mum-to-be saying ‘I have a feeling it’s a girl…I just know it’.

If you don’t feel comfortable taking a wild guess and wasting your money when the time comes, you’re not alone. That’s why going with a gender neutral baby gift is the perfect thing to do in this situation.

Looking for a company you can trust who stocks gifts that could be for a girl or a boy is the first step. Going for well-known names, such as Baby Gift Box, can be a great option as you are guaranteed to find the perfect gift with their wide selection.

If you are stuck for ideas however, take a look at this list of gender neutral baby gifts to get your brain ticking:

  1. One for the parents
    A baby-countdown chalkboard sign is an awesome way to show your thinking outside the box but still being really relevant. This present will help build the excitement around the baby’s arrival (not that they need any more) but it’s a great way to visually keep track of the time.
  2. One for the expecting mother
    Milestone cards are yet another beautiful gift that shows you’re putting thought behind your present. The milestone cards mark every precious and memorable event in the lead-up to the birth. It helps expecting mothers track things such as the ‘first kick’ or the first craving! You can customize these cards as to how you like to make it even more personal – awesome idea!
  3. The more conventional and safe – gift card
    When you don’t know the sex and want to be on the safe side, a gift card will always go down a treat with the parents. They will have the final say in their present and can choose to buy something after the arrival so they can buy something appropriate. You can find it on the internet, in the online baby shop most favoured by parents.
  4. Booster seats or a high chair
    Once again something you know every parent is going to need. This practical present is perfect for any gender especially if you buy a colourful, patterned design.
  5. Baby bottles/breastfeeding accessories
    From talking to parents in the past, they normally put extra thought into buying pricier bottles to feed their babies. This makes sense as they want to ensure no ‘nasties’ from cheap plastic are going to make their way into the milk. Maybe a great bottle alternative would be throw-away nursing pads made from lanolin.

Buying a gender neutral baby gift doesn’t have to be difficult as you can see. If you choose the right present you can make an expecting parent even happier whilst keeping the gender a surprise still.

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  1. May 9, 2016 / 9:46 am

    You have shared some brilliant ideas on this article. I was looking for a present idea for my sister as she is becoming a mother this month but she doesn’t tell us her baby’s sex.

    Anyway, Thank You again!

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