Why Do I Blog?

Why Do I Blog?

Why do I blog? Thats a question I have been asked a lot recently. What made me start? I thought I would write this post and explain a little more about how it came about and what blogging has done for me.

why do i blog

I started writing my blog in June 2014, it feels like only five minutes ago but when I think back to the wonderful experiences I have had since then and the amazing people I have met I can’t believe it hasn’t even been two years!

Starting a blog for me was one of the best decisions I have ever made – for myself. In the months before I started Everything Mummy I was going through a really rough time I had just had my little Lottie and although I was a happy proud new mumma – I felt anxious constantly. I got caught up in life as mum and I completely lost myself, my confidence was so low and despite being surrounded by amazing friends and supportive family I felt really isolated.

It was at this time I started reading blogs, I think it’s quite normal practise for mums with a new born to just google everything and on doing this I discovered blogs with mum’s going through the same things, it was great. I became a regular reader, the community around blogging always appealed. I could see these mums supporting each other and I wanted in! One day I thought to myself – why don’t I do this? Baring in mind my confidence wasn’t all that high it was a big step for me and I did it. I set up my own little free blog – everythingmummy.blogspot.com.

It stayed my own little haven for the first couple of months I didn’t understand the whole social media side of things or how to get my blog out there – I didn’t even tell anyone it was just my space to write my thoughts and I loved it.
By this point I was pretty hooked I got myself on to twitter & Instagram I started telling people about it – I got some good feedback so I pushed on. It’s mad for me to think back 18 months ago when I hit my first 100 followers on twitter it felt like such a huge milestone and now there’s almost 8.5 thousand people following me and this crazy blogging journey I have been on!

A real changing point for me was finding my blogging besties they all know who they are so I won’t start listing names as I am bound to forget someone, but this amazing group of ladies have been so incredible we all started at a pretty similar time and watching them grow and develop as writers has been so inspiring. They push me every day to do well and I really don’t think I would be doing what I do today with out them! Any new bloggers out there I strongly advise you get stuck in and find your blogging buddies – it is such an amazing supportive community. I love sharing the things I have learnt over the past couple of years as I remember being their myself, each time I get an email asking advice or for ‘tips’ I am always shocked as I still feel like I am just at the beginning of my journey but it is a lovely compliment and I always make time to reply.

The first year of Everything Mummy was all about learning (and I still am), I took everything in discovered the tips and tricks of the blogging world and I fell in love with it – blogging is apparently highly addictive! My confidence grew with time, I pushed myself to try new things, too travel, too meet new people and now my anxiety has completely gone, I feel like I’m back to being myself again.

Blogging had brought me more than I ever thought it could, it’s grown in a way I couldn’t even imagine to now be my job, I love what I do and that make it so much easier for me everyday.

If you are reading this and thinking should I start a blog – do it!!