Building up my driving confidence

building up my driving confidenceNearly three years ago I passed my driving test (first time may I add) it was a very proud day for me – I went home feeling amazing with my little certificate in hand nothing could stop me now I would be whizzing all over town or so I thought..

It took about a month to get my first car by the time I went to drive it I was panicking big time I felt like I’d forgotten everything the car was completely different to drive to the one I learnt in and I hated it, my first drive went a little like this..

Got in the car adjust seats/mirrors/strap myself in/spent 5 minutes psyching my self up to turn the key..

Into first – pull away and ….. STALL

Restart pull away eeekkk and we’re off, oh no traffic lights STOP.

Pull away and…. STALL

You catch my drift there was a lot of stalling lots of hesitation (couple of tears I won’t lie) and not much driving.

That was it I was scarred for life everyone kept telling me I just need to get out and drive more so I tried and tried I was getting my confidence up and then there was an incident involving me and a hill when I say hill I’m talking slight incline nothing major.
I thought to my self ‘I’ve got this I know how to hill start’ and I really did so why did the damn thing keep stalling! Why was I in the middle of the road with cars waiting for me at all angles and pedestrians stopping and staring at me. I had the kids in the back asking why I’ve broken the car and an audience was forming on a busy road S**T panic was really setting in I was so embarrassed. I looked down to see I had the car in THIRD sodding gear that’ll be why then – OPPS!!!!!! I put my foot down and wheel spinned off, I got home shaking I cried, then laughed about how I’m such an idiot but vowed I was never driving that bloody car again.

And I didn’t for a good 18 months, I had a car on the drive fully insured and ready to go each morning I walked straight  past it and would walk miles to where I needed to go telling everyone “no I just prefer to walk” instead of “driving the car fills me with dread I wouldn’t do it if you paid me”

Then came the time I really needed to drive the car we had moved house and were no longer in walking distance of Maisy’s nursery, I tried to get around having to drive – buses, lifts, even taxi’s but it was no good it got to a stage where either I would have to move her nursery away from friends and out of her routine or man up take a deep breath and get behind the wheel – so I did.
It wasn’t as bad as I thought doing it every day I got better and I no longer stalled EVERY time. Now 9 months on I love driving I still can’t park to save my life and a motorway will bring me out in a cold sweat but I’m getting there I enjoy nipping about town when people say you just need to get out and drive you really do – just take your time and stay calm.

I found New young drivers are often thought to be “bad drivers” and insurance was through the roof. More Than offer Smart Wheels telematics a little back box that is fitted discreetly in your car, Telematics allow them to build up a picture of your driving and gives safe drivers the chance to have a positive driving style score which means you then save money! Bonus. I had one in my car as it really brings the price down and when I got another 10% cash back for safe driving it was a really confidence boost!

So come on share you bad driving stories with me (we all have them) I can’t wait to hear them.

This post was written in collaboration with More Than. 




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  1. Kate Robertson
    July 11, 2018 / 9:24 am

    This post was a very long time ago b found it while searching “build up driving confidence” on Pinterest. I passed my test August 2016, got a car in the September and now it’s july 2018 and my Cara not even done 1000 miles. I just have no confidence at all, I have a black box fitted which makes me feel worse as when sticking to the speed limit I feel like I’m going so slow and then everyone overtakes me and beeps and my anxiety rises. I also worry about stalling and getting in peoples way, I just can’t seem to get past this block. Everyone says just go or and get some practice but I can’t it terrifies me. But this post has given me some hope so Thankyou!!

    • Amy
      July 17, 2018 / 12:21 pm

      Hi Kate, Oh I can totally relate I felt exactly the same. You really will get passed it the more ou get in the car and drive xx

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