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As a family we all love to read. I love reading myself although a lot of is seems to be online now reading an actual book is like a big treat! The girls love me reading to them at bedtimes or any times when they like to whined down a little. As Maisy and Bella are getting older more and more they are the ones who like to do the reading, Maisy’s getting really good at reading now and Bella is picking up letters and words from her big sister. I love seeing them sounding out words together, I kind…

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Building up my driving confidence

Nearly three years ago I passed my driving test (first time may I add) it was a very proud day for me – I went home feeling amazing with my little certificate in hand nothing could stop me now I would be whizzing all over town or so I thought.. It took about a month to get my first car by the time I went to drive it I was panicking big time I felt like I’d forgotten everything the car was completely different to drive to the one I learnt in and I hated it, my first drive went a…

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