10 stupid things you’ll hear as a new mum

Pregnancy and becoming a parent is a crazy old journey hormones are going nuts and it can make us ladies a tad on the irrational side (sorry ladies, hate to admit it but we can) so imagine are delight when people seem to loose all filter around us and say the most incredibly offensive things or ask the seriously inappropriate and sometimes plain stupid questions. I have discussed this with other mums in the past and am definitely not alone in this so here are 10 stupid things you will hear during pregnancy or as a new mum! 10 STUPID THINGS

  1. Corr you look massive – now would you go up to someone slightly overweight in the street and say this? No – I would hope not anyway but apparently this is perfectly acceptable to say to a heavily pregnant women. Word to the wise stop it we have mirrors – we know – ok. This also applies to..
  2. Sure it’s not twins in there and..
  3. I was never that big and.. 
  4. ooo at least a 9lb’er in there. STOP
  5. Are you scared they’ll be ginger? – No really this is a question I was once asked.
  6. I’m so glad it you giving birth and not me – Comments like this are just so helpful especially when they come from your partner – not.
  7. How you feeling ‘down there’? – usually whispered by other women when they come to visit baby after the birth. I don’t go around asking you about your vagina please lets leave mine out of the conversation.
  8. Along the same lines as did you poo? – usually from friends who don’t yet have children whilst interrogating you about child birth. Would you ask this question under any other circumstances – lets hope not.
  9. You look knackered – cheers babe you look lovely too!
  10. Did it hurt? Now that’s just plain stupid.

What was the most ridiculous thing you heard or a question you were asked pre/post baby – I’d love to hear them!

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