Mustela Stelatopia – Review

Recently I was very kindly sent some of the Mustela Stelatopia children’s bath range to review, the range is specially formulated for eczema-prone dry skin in babies and children which is just as well as my girls skin in super sensitive and seems to flare up with 99% of products.

I do like trying new products because its great when I find something that does work for them, they all really do love bath time but with their skin getting so dry and irritated quickly I try to keep it to every other day using minimal amounts of products on them. IMG_9899

So how did we get on with the products?

We’ve been using the Stelatopia milky bath oil and the Crema emollient (lotion to me and you) I put a good few drops of the bath oil into warm water and it seems to really soothe their dry skin, after using the products for a few weeks now they haven’t bought any of the girls out in a rash or irritated their already slightly drier skin which is great just leaves them nice and clean.

The products don’t have any fragrance to them that’s one thing I do miss I love the bath fresh smell of the kids but if it saves their skin from being sore then I’ll take it.

IMG_8436Bath time is back to being a happy time the girls are happy and I am too finally a product for sensitive skin that actually does as it says it will.


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