Teething tips

Teething tips

This last couple of weeks my poor little baby has been abit off when I say abit I mean a lot she’s teething and is not taking it very well atall. Altough this is my third baby this is all new to me I found out the other two had teeth when they just bit me randomly one day, no fuss, no grumbling they just popped up.
Lottie however is another story I can feel a tooth just below the surface of her gum but it just won’t come though the happy little baby I’m used to has turned very clingy and is finding it really hard to settle. Most parents do go thorough this at some stage so I’ve put together a list of top tips from myself and other mums to help make it a little more bearable. 

So when your little one is having a fuss what is the first thing you do? of course whine on twitter in hope that someone has a miracle cure, didn’t quite get that although i did get some good tips from others going through the same difficult patch. 

First a great tip from the lovely Katie  who blogs at LifeOnVista.com was to put a muslin in the freezer and then let baby have a good chew on it when its nice and cold, this definitely helped Lottie she had a good chomp and it stopped the whining for a while! 
Teething gel; now I’m using calpol’s calgel, just squeeze a little on my finger and rub it over the area where I know is bothering her. When ever I put it on she gives a little smile don’t know if she just likes the taste but anything to get the little lady smile again is a winner for me!


We also have the Nelson teetha teething granules only used them once but Lottie did enjoys grinding her little gums on it so must remember to use this more.
Popping a teething ring in the fridge for a couple hours and then letting baby have a good chop will give them a bit of relief, if you don’t have a teething ring a piece of raw carrot is also great when nice and chilled.

Another suggestion came from Fai on twitter who blogs at fairyloustales.blogspot.com   was an amber teething bracelet now I’ve never used these but know a lot of people swear by them, must do some more research into them.

Another problem Lottie seems to have whilst teething is she gets a bit sore around her mouth due to the extra dribbles to soothe this and keep the redness at bay I’ve been trying to keep the area dry giving it a gentle wipe with a muslin and putting a little Vaseline on it.

Soo come on what are your top teething tips I’d love to hear anything I can try to get this girly smiling again.

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  1. August 11, 2014 / 7:22 pm

    The only other thing I can suggest is lots and LOTS of cuddles and calpol.
    If baby can’t sleep or won’t take her bottle, I giver her a dummy, but every now and again take it out and shove the bottle in her mouth, so quick she doesn’t know its happened. Good way to get another ounce in her if she refuses milk / meals / snacks… however I can always coax her into eating a biscuit!

  2. August 11, 2014 / 8:32 pm

    I used to literally weep when they were teething. I feel your pain. I have twins and they became super clingy. I also did cuddles, calpol and they had dummies. They must suffer but it is a tough time for Mummies too x x

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