Mums List

Mums List

This week I am joining in with Mums list for the first time, a linky hosted by Hannah at mums days I love this linky and have been reading all the posts on it for a while and am now taking the leap and adding my own. I love a list from shopping lists to meal plans to blog ideas it all gets written in one of the many notepads I hoard! So this link up really is spot on for me – here goes!

Real Life

  • Last week we had a lovely family day out to Moors valley country park it was so nice just to have a day out the 5 of us we don’t get the chance to enough with Ryan’s work and prior commitments but the weather was amazing and although it was busy with it being summer holidays we still really enjoyed our selves doing the percy park keeper trail and the kids running them selves ragged in the park.

  • Also this week I have started weaning baby Lottie, ahh where has the last 6 months gone my little baby is not so little she rolls around the room and gets her hands on everything she’s not supposed to! Its so lovely watching her grow and develop weaning is going well so far only 3 days in but she’s liking trying different flavours so far we’ve had banana and strawberries, the faces they pull when they get a new flavour are just hilarious.

  • Our weekend was a bit manic! we had two birthday parties to attend on the Sunday so loads of fun for the kids but it has taken me a good day to recover it took it out of the kids as well they we’re a pain in the A*** yesterday.
  • Yesterday the decorating  started in baby Lotties bedroom, she’s still in with us at the moment but in the next few weeks will be going in to her own bedroom and I want it to be just perfect for her, since we moved into this house in October we have been very slow at getting on with the decorating now it finally feels like we are getting somewhere!
  • And lastly last night I got my bum into gear and went to body combat god it was hard but this morning i feel really good for it full of energy and raring to go! recently I felt as though I’ve lost all motivation and getting back into exercise was one of the things I wanted to change, really want to keep it up!


 Blogging and social Media

  • Been writing this blog now for 6 weeks! its gone so fast and everyday I feel like I’m learning something new before i started i really had no clue how much went into it – the social media side more than anything.
  • I’ve been enjoying getting to grips with twitter and chatting with other bloggers and my followers are slowly but surely going up!
  • I’m thinking about making a facebook page most of my friends and family are on facebook and not twitter and I don’t like spamming my personal profile so it makes sense to set up something separate. We shall see..
Mums' Days

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  1. August 7, 2014 / 10:04 pm

    Welcome Amy!! thanks so much for linking in with MumsList!

    Only 6 weeks – I don’t know how you do it with 3 littlies? Respect 🙂

    Deffo get yourself a Facebook group – I started mine in the early days, invited all my mates to like it once and then after that I felt like I wasn’t spamming. TBH I hardly use my personal one anymore! After google by far my best source of traffic is FB but really it depends what suits you and what you want to put the most amount of time into.

    i hope the weaning has continued to go well this week 🙂 I’ve jut been looking over old videos of Reuben and with him turning 2 next week, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic!

    Thanks again lovely xxx hope you can join in again this week (and I’ll endeavour to comment sooner!) xxxx

  2. August 11, 2014 / 7:18 pm

    ahh thanks i don’t have time that’s why im abit all over the place with posting – ill get there one day.
    they grow up so fast don’t they. x

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