So this is my first time blogging.. I love reading other mummy blogs so thought as a busy mum myself to my three little girlies I would give it a whirl, I have thought about it for a while and often thought would I run out of things to post about but everyday in our crazy lives something new and exciting (to me) seems to be happening.

My life is very full on my girls are 3 years 6 months, 2 years 5 months and 4 months old, I always get asked how do you do it with 3 at home all day but we just have a lot of fun keeping busy getting out lots is what works for us.

I’m going to share with u my experiences, the highs and lows of having 3 children UNDER 4. yes before u ask I must be mad!! and how I try and balance being me and being mummy.

So I thought I’d start this blog with a brief bit of a back story to how I’ve got where I am today. this isn’t what most people my age would plan for(I’m 22) but from as little as I can remember all I have ever wanted is my own little family. Aged 15 I met my boyfriend and aged 18 I gave birth to our first beautiful little girl I instantly fell in love and knew although I was going to be a younger mummy I was going to the very best mummy that I possibly could.
I loved it so much we decided to not wait to have more, for some reason I thought it would take a long time to get pregnant again. it didn’t!! when my eldest was aged just 13 months 3weeks we welcomed our second baby girl into the world. I do love having my girls so close in age they are the best of friends.
Fast forward to June 2013, I had been feeling a bit rough, we hadn’t planned for another baby so I thought it couldn’t be that but on the off chance I took a test just to rule it out to my absolute shock I was pregnant I could not believe it a million thoughts swamped my head, it cant be right, I’m just getting used to sleeping through the night again, three kids I wont have enough hands, were going to have to move. Once the initial shock wore off I was over the moon. we welcomed our third beautiful little girl in February this year her big sisters adore her and are so helpful.

                       And so here I am today .. welcome to my world..

How true.

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