Have you tried Office Yoga?

How many hours a week do you spend sat at your desk? 7? 8? more? I remember the days of working 9-5 and sitting at a desk, staring at my screen for hours on end. I worked in banking (yeah lucky me) most days the workload was so much I’d even skip a proper lunch break just grabbing a bite to have at my desk. At the time it was just about doing what I needed to do to get out at a reasonable time. I wasn’t thinking about the effect this could be having long term. The Telegraph has recently…

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The real reasons why women should learn martial arts – Guest Post

I am getting back into my fitness after a few weeks out and it feels great! I think the key to enjoying exercise is finding something that you actually enjoy doing. Not everyone enjoys a gruelling HIIT session but there are plenty of other ways to keep yourself in shape – maybe that’s walking, cycling even skiing! I used to love martial arts back in my younger days Karate and kick boxing being my choice, today I bring you a guest post from Sabrina Klein on the reasons women should be learning marital arts.  I believe that it’s never too late…

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Finding time to let go with Sanctuary

Mum’s and women of the world I have a question for you.. Think back over the last week, how much time did you have for just you? And no the weekly food shop definitely does not count. I am guessing not much and you are not alone in this. Nowadays more than ever us women are constantly under pressure from society to do more, to have it all and be constantly on the go. As a busy mum of three young children I know just how important it is for me to have some ‘me time’, some time to just…

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